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GRI 404: Education and training; 413: Local communities UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), No. 4: High-quality education

Lifelong learning:

For a technology company, the continuous training and development of its employees is a key matter. In an increasingly interconnected world, knowledge once acquired is not a guarantee of ongoing expertise.

The EVVA Academy offers a training and development program that ensures exactly that: ongoing knowledge transfer to acquire technical and personal skills. Internal and external experts pass on their know-how in courses - from one-hour short courses to more comprehensive training programs. EVVA Academy training courses are coordinated by the Human Resources Development department and cover all knowledge topics: product training, IT programs, manufacturing methods, personal development, management programs, such as employee management, occupational safety, etc.

Educational facts of the EVVA Academy

Educational facts of the EVVA Academy

EVVA Academy training courses for employees (without “Masterplan” e-learning platform), partly manual

"I am pleased that the Masterplan e-learning platform enables us to offer a wide range of training content from different fields of knowledge. We can now also put our own EVVA learning content on the platform and offer it." says Catarina Wolkenstein, head of the Human Resources Development department.

Photo EVVA employee with smartphone
EVVA offers employees their own e-learning platform around the clock, also for use at home
"Masterplan" is the new digital EVVA learning platform for employees. Countless learning content - on important topics such as digitalisation, cybercrime, time management and much more - can be accessed at any time at the workplace and privately via the EVVA learning platform. The selection works as easily as on Netflix with one click on the desired knowledge tile. The know-how is conveyed entertainingly by experts in several short learning units.

The EVVA learning platform allows for a clear knowledge advantage and is very well received and used by employees: the EVVA group was able to reach an additional 1840 education hours with this e-learning service!


Impact on employees, trade partners and industry

A shortage of labor is particularly noticeable in digital-related professions such as IT and software development. EVVA complements its external search for experts with its internal training and development program and its commitment to apprentices (more on this under Top Apprenticing Company). In the employee orientation meetings, which take place at EVVA twice a year, the manager and employee clarify whether existing skills are to be brought up to date or whether new competencies are to be learned. Performance and professional development are also assessed in the meetings.

An excellent training increases the satisfaction, motivation, and performance of employees. The ongoing training measures ensure the high quality of our company and strengthen its reputation as a reliable companion. Each training of the EVVA Academy is rated by the participants (internal and external). We are very pleased with the feedback: the average overall rating of all trainings is excellent.

In 2021, we simplified the rating system internationally and changed it from school grades to stars. The average rating for all training courses (of employees and partners) was 2022 again a very pleasing 4.6 stars (out of a possible 5).

Chart Average rating for EVVA Academy 2021



Photo of EVVA training for trade partners
EVVA training for trade partners
The EVVA Academy is not only available to our employees, but also to our trade partners. Electronic access solutions are increasingly in demand on the international market. Combined locking systems are now standard: the mechanics as the security foundation that has been tried and tested a million times over, and the electronics to manage access authorisations quickly and easily. The training courses of the EVVA Academy:

  • support the partners in their market success
  • make fit for the market requirements of the present and future,
  • help partners reach more customers and generate revenue with a wider range of products.

All of this strengthens existing and future jobs in the retail sector.


Participation in training courses for trade partners (EVVA headquarters)Chart Participations at trainings for trade partners

Further learning methods and innovations:

  • EVVA has been a funding and support partner of the "42 Vienna" coding academy since 2022 - a school for programming and software engineering - thereby providing free training places. Graduates of "42 Vienna" can work in companies such as EVVA with practical experience after just 6 months. Find out more at www.42vienna.com
  • Assembly videos (such as for lock cylinders on construction sites) are a quickly available support that the installers can access on site with their smartphones.
  • In addition to training content, EVVA is also constantly updating the training methods themselves. In addition to face-to-face training, webinars and new learning videos are also in use. They help to acquire the necessary knowledge content regardless of location and time.
  • Cooperation with the career platform Whatchado. EVVA employees from various fields present themselves and the company in a series of short, humorous videos. Applicants and job seekers can learn more about the diverse range of professions at EVVA, what working life is like in the respective job and what training is required. EVVA links to these videos in all job advertisements - and helps job seekers find their dream job.

    Discover all EVVA career videos on https://www.evva.com/at-de/ueber-uns/karriere/mitarbeiter-videos/  In English on https://www.evva.com/int-en/career/employee-video-clips/


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