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FPS - The Strong Locking System from EVVA

Branded quality at the best price

FPS provides the best simple security and reliable convenience. FPS is suitable for master key systems with a more simple structure. Why opt for a master key system? Access all doors using only a single key – main entrance, front door, basement, letter box. The FPS key is also available as a design key in various colours.

FPS benefits at a glance

  • One key fits all
  • For simply structured master key systems
  • Branded quality
  • Patent protection until 2041 at the latest
    according to EP3942127. All individual profiles in the FPS system newly created from April 2021 and all FPS factory profiles ordered from April 2021 onwards will technically comply with this new European patent and feature the new design on the key bow. For country-specific patent protection, see worldwide.espacenet.com


[Translate to International:] Zuidzicht, BE
The access system for simply structured master key systems

FPS is ideal for simply structured master key systems and clearly defined user groups. This includes on doors within residential complexes or office buildings. In cooperation with qualified partners, EVVA has been providing security technology for a hundred years.

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FPS. Simple, but good
At first glance, the main advantage of FPS appears to be its affordable price. At second glance, the patented, compact pin system also offers extremely reliable security for various applications.
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Security at two levels
The patented key profile system and solid locking pins form the two security levels.
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Double cylinder
are suitable for interior and exterior doors and can be equipped with numerous versions and options.
[Translate to International:] Hinten-rechts-oben (HRO)
Thumbturn cylinder
allows convenient opening and closing without keys.
[Translate to International:] Vorne-links-oben (VLO)
Furniture cylinders
make sure that important documents are securely archived.
[Translate to International:] Vorne-links-oben (VLO)
Half cylinder
suitable for barriers, key switches, lifts and numerous other situations.
[Translate to International:] Vorne-links-oben (VLO)
Cam locks
for mailbox systems and for secure storage in showcases and display cabinets.
[Translate to International:] FPS-Schnittzylinder
FPS. One system, many details

FPS features a spring-loaded pin tumbler system with 5 or 6 active, spring-loaded scanning elements. FPS keys are strong, non-wearing and durable, nickel silver keys. The authorisation features on FPS keys are verified at two levels in the cylinder lock. FPS cylinders are exclusively manufactured in compact design.

[Translate to International:] FPS-Designschlüssel mit Farbpunkten
Practical, handy and appealing

FPS keys are available in many different colours. The colour coding helps to easily distinguish between keys.

[Translate to International:] Sicherungskarte freigestellt
All-round protection

Copy keys, additional cylinders and lock charts are available from authorised EVVA Partners only upon providing proof of legitimacy, i.e. the EVVA security card.

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Benefit from the security features

The reliable FPS cylinder technology offers lasting protection against illegal opening methods.

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