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Wide range of cylinder profiles and types

EVVA offers a wide range of different cylinder types - depending on requirements and location of use. The cylinders and corresponding keys can be used in both simple and complex structured master key systems. Here is an overview of the most common cylinder profiles and types.

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Cylinder profiles

Each country has its own safety standards and therefore different requirements. Our locking systems are continuously adapted to the respective market conditions. Whether it's a Scandinavian or Australian oval profile, Swiss round profile or European profile - with our systems, you will be sure to find the right product for your country.

Cylinder types

EVVA offers a wide range of different cylinder types within our range of mechanical locking systems and electronic access control systems.

What are the different types of cylinders?

The double cylinder is the most widely used cylinder. It can be locked and unlocked from both sides with the authorised key. This cylinder is suitable for access management in all buildings, e.g. apartments, private homes and public buildings.

Half cylinders are cylinders that can only be locked or unlocked from the outside. These are used in garages or key cabinets, for example. Cam locks are usually used for letter boxes, lockers, display cases, vending machines or safes, which can also only be locked from the outside. These cylinders open and close with a cam. Thumbturn cylinders can also only be opened from one side (outside), while doors can be opened or closed from the inside with a rotatable thumbturn. The thumbturn cylinder is suitable for house and apartment doors or basement doors.

Rim cylinders are usually installed in rim locks or supplementary locks, which are firmly screwed to the door that is to be secured. The rim lock is connected to the cylinder by a tail bar. There are also a number of special cylinders, such as furniture cylinders, insert cylinders or switch cylinders. The padlock can be used for indoor and outdoor security.

Electronic cylinders are also being used increasingly, such as the motorised cylinder for automatically controlled locking and unlocking of doors.


Double cylinder

The double cylinder is the most widely used cylinder. It can be locked from both sides.

Half cylinder

The half cylinder enables opening and closing from one side (outside).

Thumbturn cylinder

The thumbturn cylinder can be opened from the outside with an authorised key; on the inside with a thumbturn.

Cam lock

The cam lock opens and closes using a cam, e.g. for letter boxes or distribution cabinets.

Rim cylinder and outside cylinder

Inside or outside, these cylinders make e.g. rim locks even more secure


Solid security for security doors, garden gates, barriers, basement windows, etc.

Furniture cylinder

The cylinder for office furniture, cabinets, etc. Can also be integrated into a master key system.

Insert cylinder

Special cylinders, e.g. for use in Scandinavian padlocks with "Snowman" recess.

Hybrid cylinder

Mechanical and electronic locking systems combined in a single cylinder.

Motorised cylinders

Electronically controlled locking and unlocking, e.g. of particularly sensitive areas.

Switch cylinder

Special cylinder for electronic switches. Application examples are control panels and machine switches.

Cylinders with an emergency and danger function can also be locked if a key is inserted on one side. This can be especially important if access to an area that is locked from the inside, for example, is required in emergency situations. EVVA double cylinders can optionally be extended with a BSZ ("cylinder lockable on both sides") system to avoid security risks and ensure access at all times in an emergency.

A motorised cylinder such as the EVVA EMZY enables doors to be locked automatically without the use of a key. Automatically lock or unlock them automatically at pre-configured times or permanently activate the motorised cylinder. In addition to use in particularly sensitive areas, it is also recommended, for example, if a room needs to be left but cannot be re-entered.

Yes, hybrid cylinders can be easily retrofitted and installed. Replace your existing locks with a modern version that combines mechanical and electronic access systems. Lock your doors on one side with a key and unlock them on the other side, for example with a smartphone, access card or combi key with a chip integrated into the key bow. Hybrid cylinders, such as EVVA AirKey cylinders, enable you to manage access authorisations and control master key systems via online administration.

If you use an EVVA master key system, you only require one key or access medium to lock and unlock all relevant doors regardless of the respective cylinder.

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