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Xesar - The Innovative Electric Lock System from EVVA

Simply versatile

Control, security and flexibility merged in an innovative, electronic access system – that's Xesar. Whether for residential developments, educational facilities or office buildings, Xesar can be simply and securely managed. You determine whether to manage the system within a locally installed network or via the cloud.

Xesar top features

  • Multi-user operation with user roles
  • Wide range of products
  • Appealing payment models
  • Flexible system extensions


The world’s most successful electronic access system

Be it in residential properties, companies or public institutions – many people come in and out every day. In this process, it is particularly important to quickly, easily and efficiently assign access authorisations. Thanks to Xesar it's very simple. The system supports you with many user-friendly Xesar software features for greater control and security.

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The Xesar software. Flexible – simple – secure. Xesar makes your work easier. Here are all the highlights of the Xesar software at a glance.
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Dashboard and user roles
Tasks, notices, and warnings - these are displayed directly on the dashboard so that nothing is overlooked. In addition, the user interface can be customised according to the user role.
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Shop mode
And for those who are not always on time. The shop mode security feature starts the office mode only after the door has been opened for the first time.
[Translate to International:] MQTT Schnittstelle
MQTT interface
Xesar is compatible with other systems, your alarm, smart building, time recording, and personnel data systems. The MQTT interface makes it possible.
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Several users can manage the Xesar system simultaneously. You can issue media, change authorisations or open online doors remotely.
One system, many options Individual Xesar components are synchronised with the software using the Xesar tablet to commission the Xesar system. The access media are written with the access authorisations at the coding station. Within the virtual network, the access media in circulation distributes the security information (blacklist) throughout the facility.
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Access components
They are programmed and managed using the Xesar software.
[Translate to International:] Xesar-Zutriittsmedien
Xesar access media
Users can identify themselves at doors via an access card, key fob or combi key.
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Xesar tablet
Wireless configuration and maintenance of multiple Xesar components
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Xesar wall reader
These components offer real-time door monitoring, remote opening and represent the security interface within the virtual network.
[Translate to International:] Xesar-Zutrittsverwaltung
Xesar software
Xesar software is used to comprehensively manage the system.
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Virtual network
The Xesar virtual network uses the access media in circulation to exchange information between the Xesar software and doors and thus keeps the system up to date at all times.
A diverse product world. Xesar can deliver to meet your needs Thanks to the wide product range Xesar can not only be used in doors on the inside and outside, for turnstiles and emergency exit doors, but the system is even suitable for server cabinets and roller shutter gates.
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Xesar escutcheons
All–rounders with elegant design – that's the Xesar escutcheon. Suitable for solid or metal frame doors as well as doors with anti-panic bars
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Xesar cylinders
The cylinders are suitable for outdoors and indoors and provide all essential security features. The modular design allows for length adjustment at the installation site.
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Xesar wall readers
Xesar wall readers are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. As online wall readers they can, for instance, be operated remotely by porters to grant access to suppliers.
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Xesar handles
Handles are ideal for use on internal doors. Various finishes and handle shapes offer a solution for any architectural requirements.
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Xesar padlocks
Secures archiving facilities, server cabinets, or roller shutter gates indoors and outdoors.
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Xesar cam lock
Suitable for post boxes or filing cabinets these cylinders complete your Xesar system.
[Translate to International:] Bunte Kombischlüssel und Tags mit Zutrittskarte
Xesar access media
Key tags and combi keys are available in many different colours.
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Xesar software
The Xesar management software offers numerous intelligent features and makes your day-to-day work easier. It is built on a browser-based client-server architecture. In addition to allowing convenient multi-station operation, it also satisfies the requirements of large Xesar installations. The user interface is clearly structured and can be configured individually according to user-specific roles.
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Virtual network
The Xesar virtual network uses the access media in circulation to exchange information between the Xesar software and doors and thus keeps the system up to date at all times.
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Personnel management made easy
An employee moves to another department. Changes to the corresponding access authorisation are automatically forwarded from the personnel management software to the Xesar management software via the interface.
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New colleagues
A new colleague starts on 1 June and is given an access card with the appropriate access authorisations. This is automatically transferred from the personnel management software to the Xesar management software.
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Rapid system commissioning
The EVVA-Partner installs a new Xesar system and has to enter a lot of installation locations according to the building plan. With the Xesar import tool, this can be done with a corresponding list in CSV format via the Xesar interface at the touch of a button.
[Translate to International:] Lieferung, Anwendungsbeispiel Schnittstelle Xesar
Door button on desktop
Your reception must repeatedly open the warehouse door remotely for suppliers. This is possible via the Xesar interface using a shortcut on the desktop, without having to use the management software.
[Translate to International:] Dashboard & Benutzerrollen
Presence indicator
A building manager needs to know who is in the building at all times in order to be able to evacuate quickly in the event of a fire. For this purpose, information about the persons in the facility is necessary together with their individual locations, which is possible via the Xesar interface.
[Translate to International:] MQTT Schnittstelle
API documentation
The API documentation contains information on all Xesar system management functions that can be controlled via the Xesar interface, as well as all the information you need to program your connection to the interface.
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EVVA Academy
The EVVA Academy holds regular training courses on our products. Learn everything about Xesar in a relaxed atmosphere.
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KeyCredits 10, 50, 100

Do you have a small access system and only need to make a few changes to authorisations? Then select the number of KeyCredits you want from the quantity quotas of 10, 50 or 100. One KeyCredit is paid per access authorisation or for one amendment.

KeyCredits Xesar Lifetime

You have a large access control system and frequently make changes to authorisations? Then the best option for you is our KeyCredit Xesar Lifetime time-based variant. You can grant or change authorisations with no time limit or restriction on the number of authorisations.

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