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Statement by the CEO

Why sustainability? Because we take it personally.

One cannot save the world alone. But one can achieve a lot if one knows their strengths. At EVVA – as a leading manufacturer of mechanical and electronic access systems in Europe – we contribute where we can significantly shape our world and its positive development. We leverage where we can influence our greatest impacts. Because this is where the greatest power for improvement lies. That is why this sustainability report means a lot to EVVA and to us personally.

The pandemic and events of the past year have highlighted the importance of addressing the three pillars of sustainability. Economically, it means focusing on resources and processes to avoid waste and increase efficiency. That is why we are working with lean management and Kanban systems. We are particularly proud of the increase in lubricant-free production in 2021/2022 to 70%.

We see it as our clear responsibility to create a stable and future-proof environment for our employees and customers, to be a reliable partner and to contribute to a more peaceful and environmentally conscious society.

Lifelong learning, digital training, investing in our youth as a top apprenticeship company, and strengthening our innovation through patents, regular product renewals, and further innovation cycles ensures the economic sustainability of our company.

Last year, we were able to achieve ecological progress, for example, through a drastic reduction in gas consumption of 22% compared to the previous reporting period. This was made possible by a new building and a modern heating system. However, electricity consumption increased by 9.8%, but since 2022, demand has been covered exclusively by green electricity.

Due to our strong commitment to sustainability, we were able to bring home several notable awards last year. We are proud to have received the 2021 TRIGOS Award (in the Climate Protection category) as well as the distinction of being a Lean-leading company and the winner of the 2022 Sustainable Digitalisation award.

Another major step was embedding sustainability in all sub-strategies and annual goals. The measurability of our sustainability targets helps us to make the successes and savings visible.

In the future, EVVA will focus particularly on the changing requirements in terms of the EU’s Green Deal and ESG regulations and address the risks of scarce resources in the supply chain and electricity and gas supply. Our new goals reflect their increasing importance. We have placed even more emphasis on carbon neutrality. EVVA plans to operate carbon neutral at its Vienna location by 2030 and reduce Scope-3 emissions in the entire supply chain by a further 35%.

EVVA is a pioneer of sustainability. As a family business, we think in generations for generations. It is our duty to establish high customer satisfaction and a meaningful business model that is supported by all stakeholders with fewer resource inputs. This is not only a debt we owe to future generations, but already to our own today.

Nicole and Stefan Ehrlich-Adám
managing directors and owners
of EVVA Sicherheitstechnologie GmbH

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