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EVVA is a company producing mechanical and electronic locking systems that can rely on decades of experience in terms of typical security requirements in a wide range of industries and organisations. For this reason, you can rest assured that security solutions will always be geared towards your building situation, organisational structure and user demands.

Offices and co-working spaces – these kinds of organisations share one demand:
project-based schedules, tenants come and go – the locking system must be able to handle all these processes

Your requirements:


  • Ample cylinder range Because you aim to secure all your doors, cabinets, lifts, emergency exit doors using only one system
  • Optimum key copying protection Because you want to be able to rely on organisational, technical or technological key protection
  • 100% copying protection Because valuables within your company must not be accessible to unauthorised third parties
  • Continuous logging of all entry and exit events Because you archive confidential and sensitive information
  • Organised flow of persons Because not everyone must have global access
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Our solution:


Mechanical EPS, ICS, MCS access systems
grow with the facility and levels of complexity:

  • EPS – small to medium-sized office facilities
  • ICS – larger office facilities and public authorities
  • MCS – insurances, banks

The electronic AirKey access system

  • The smartphone is the key
  • Send keys via the Internet
  • Component sharing and multi administration

The electronic Xesar access system

  • Xesar combi keys for mixed systems (mechanical and electronic locking systems)
  • Simple multi-user management with user roles
  • Ample door component selection
  • Compatibility with interfaces
  • Door monitoring with remote operation
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Master key systems

EVVA is also a genuine master key system professional able to tackle any levels of complexity in terms of organisational structures and to implement them within the corresponding master key system.

Find out more about our master key systems

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