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Health care facilities

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Hospitals are places patients, visitors, staff and facility service teams move around every day. Annexes and extensions, restructuring measures and maximum security demands must also be taken into account by a locking system. How does this work? EVVA has the answers.

Your requirements:


  • Ample cylinder range Because you intend to secure lifts, lockers and pharmaceutical cabinets using a single locking system
  • 100% copying protection Because you run highly sensitive research facilities and pharmaceutical cabinets must be absolutely secure
  • Flexible key assignment Because you coordinate community nurses looking after a changing pool of patients and prefer not to have to deal with complex key management processes
  • Organised flow of persons Because you need simple access control for meeting and presentation facilities
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Our solution:


Mechanical ICS, 4KS, MCS access systems
grow with the facility and levels of complexity:

  • ICS – care homes
  • 4KS – medium-sized hospitals
  • MCS – large hospitals

The electronic AirKey access system

  • The smartphone is the key
  • Send keys via the Internet
  • Quickly assigning and deleting access authorisations

The electronic Xesar access system

  • Xesar combi keys for mixed systems (mechanical and electronic locking systems)
  • Simple multi-user management with user roles
  • Ample door component selection
  • Compatibility with interfaces
  • Door monitoring with remote operation
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Master key systems

EVVA is also a genuine master key system professional able to tackle any levels of complexity in terms of organisational structures and to implement them within the corresponding master key system.

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