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AirKey - The Smart Locking System from EVVA

AirKey. Simply smart

With AirKey, your smartphone is the key. It increases your levels of security, flexibility and gives you full control of your doors. What do you need? An AirKey cylinder, a smartphone as well as Internet access and you will be able to send your keys by text message (SMS) and manage your access control system online. Well, if that's not smart!

AirKey top features

  • Send keys via the Internet
  • Free app and online administration
  • For small to complex access systems
  • Maximum data security


The electronic access system is a story of worldwide success

Thanks to AirKey key handovers and complex key management are a thing of the past. For this reason, many shared offices, infrastructure facilities and mobile service providers rely on AirKey and benefit from increased security and flexibility.

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AirKey app and online administration. Many smart features The AirKey app and the online administration include many smart features that make your professional and private lives easier.
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Office mode
Fully or semi-automatic office mode at certain doors and at certain times. Automatically takes into account public holidays as well as summer and winter time.
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Send a Key
Easily send the key including a personal text message (max. 150 characters) via a push message.
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Component sharing
Simply leave components of a master key system to tenants, e.g. in a shared office for self-administration
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Multiple admins and sub-admins with restricted rights can separately manage company locations.
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AirKey-Cloud Interface
The interface allows you to integrate certain AirKey functions and directly control them from your own software.
Just as dynamic as customers' needs AirKey is the electronic access system for a new, mobile generation and comes as a response to the dynamics of modern working worlds as well as our private lives. Flexibly send keys to smartphones via the Internet and benefit from maximum security and many smart software features.
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George sends keys using the online administration
George manages an advertising agency. His team consists of a pool of different freelancers. Thanks to AirKey, he saves himself from having to deal with tedious key management.
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Encrypted and secure as per online banking standards
With AirKey, authorisations are always saved in encrypted format in the online administration. The AirKey app on smartphones can also be protected with a PIN code.
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Sophie receives the key on her smartphone
Sophie is George's new freelancer. She has just arrived and receives the key to the agency in a push notification. She received the prompt to install the AirKey app by SMS.
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Sophie has no trouble finding George's agency and uses her smartphone to unlock the door
Thanks to cylinder GPS tagging, Sophie had no trouble finding George's agency. The cylinder now identifies her smartphone as a key and authorises her to open the key.
AirKey is securely in control of any situation Be it sliding doors, archiving containers, delivery boxes or simple metal frame doors in the office, you'll have a firm grip on security thanks to AirKey.
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AirKey cylinder
Thanks to its modular design the cylinder is easy to install and retrospectively adapt in length.
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AirKey wall reader
Electronic locking elements, such as sliding doors, are controlled using the AirKey wall reader.
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AirKey padlocks
Suitable for barriers, depots and archiving containers in stationary applications.
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AirKey cam lock
Suitable for post boxes or filing cabinets, these cylinders complete your AirKey system.
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No smartphone available?
The AirKey system is also suitable for use with key tags, cards or combi keys.
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Online administration Free & easy
Online administration is the control centre to create new keys or block existing keys. It is free of charge, quickly set up and easy to operate.
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Free app for iPhone & Android
Simple and intuitive, that's the AirKey app. It turns a smartphone into one or more keys for different systems. It also creates and updates other access media, such as cards or key tags. It additionally provides high levels of protection thanks to an optional PIN code.
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AirKey meets EU Data Protection Regulation
AirKey was developed as the most data protection-friendly access system together with the certified data protection expert Dr Christof Tschohl. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the details.
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Increased data protection thanks to the 4-eyes principle
Event logs can only be viewed if a second admin grants the requester access with a TAN.
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Flexible security
Providing security and easy access during servicing for infrastructure and energy facilities, which are spread around the world, requires a flexible, high-security access control system. AirKey is the right choice. With AirKey, you can send keys directly to your service technician's smartphone.
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Working in the AirKey era
The architect constantly has new freelancers, the advertising agency needs a new office. Managing shared offices is a big job. But not with AirKey. That's because AirKey sends keys to your tenants' smartphones as soon as the tenancy agreement is signed and automatically revokes access at the end of the tenancy period.
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Property management made easy
Repair work needs to be organised and tenants are moving in and out. As the property manager, you've got your hands full. Thankfully, you have AirKey to make your life easier. With AirKey, you send the keys from your administration software directly to the tenants' smartphones.
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Happy guests
As an owner of holiday apartments or a small hotel, you need to organise the handover of keys with each new guest. Might be a bit inconvenient. What if you could simply send the keys directly from your booking system to the guest's smartphone?
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High levels of care and security
Mobile care services are booming. Handing out keys, collecting them and making copies when they go missing is costly and inconvenient. It’s time for an electronic access control system, like AirKey. When you create the roster for your nurses and carers, AirKey will automatically send the keys to their smartphones.
Service & Tools
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API documentation
In the API documentation you will find all of the functions for the AirKey Online Adminstration that you can control with the AirKey Cloud Interface, as well as all the information you need to program your connection to the interface.
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Demo Tool
Our Cloud Interface DEMO Tool allows you to try out the first few interface functions. For instance, you can try out the process for sending keys free of charge and experience the AirKey Online Administration integrated into your third-party software.
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Cloud Interface Trainings
The EVVA Academy holds regular training courses on our products. Learn everything about the AirKey Cloud Interface in a relaxed atmosphere.
EVVA Akademie
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KeyCredits 10, 50, 100 or KeyCredit Unlimited

One KeyCredit is required to create and change access authorisations. Unlocking doors and deleting access authorisations is free of charge. A choice of credit amounts is available – 10, 50, or 100 KeyCredits or time credits – KeyCredit unlimited for one or three years.

FAQ AirKey

AirKey is easy to install. Please note our installation videos. Your partner is happy to advise you during installation.

A special tool is required for installation and removal. It is designed so the outside thumb turn cannot be removed by unauthorised persons. This special tool is available from your EVVA Partner.

Please register once in AirKey online administration. Then simply use your login to access the online administration.

All you need to set up your access systems and manage them online is internet access and a valid email address.

The AirKey app is available from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

  • All transferred data is secured as end-to-end data, as per cutting-edge encryption standards. Your data is protected from decryption between the EVVA high security server and the AirKey cylinder.
  • The use of certified, secure elements – highly secure memory elements that actively encrypt and decrypt – in the cylinders and in identification media makes AirKey the new security benchmark for electronic locking systems.
  • An event log for access events ensures seamless transparency.
  • The outside thumb turn is additionally equipped with drilling protection, plug pulling protection and a rotary damper.

AirKey meets the EU General Data Protection Regulations: Together with the renowned data protection expert, Dr. Christof Tschohl, AirKey was developed into a data protection compliant access control system. Our own data protection officer will be happy to respond to your requests for more detail. https://www.evva.com/int-en/data-protection-declaration/

  • The deletion of personal data required by the General Data Protection Regulation is planned in the system. During the deletion of data, all references to a person are irretrievably removed.
  • The event logging of access events can be configured for each component (for a limited time as well), and also deactivated, e.g. for a Works Council conference room for which no event logging is allowed.
  • The event logging in the backend and in the components is audit-compliant. This means that every locking process can be retraced precisely with a date and time. Consequently, this event logging cannot be tampered with and allows for more transparency than with any mechanical locking system.
  • Ready for compliance with the European Data Act 2024
  • A four-eyes principle for viewing logs can be activated. Access to the event logs must be approved by a second administrator.


The battery lasts for up to 30,000 locking cycles (depending on the ambient conditions). The cylinder flashes red if the batteries are low. Please change the battery now. If you use a smartphone to unlock the component, the battery status is also indicated in the online administration and saved as a maintenance task or even shown as a notification on the smartphone. If you prefer to rely on an emergency power device to also supply your cylinder with power once the battery has died, your locksmith will be able to provide you with one.

Charge your smartphone as quickly as possible. We recommend you nevertheless always carry an authorised identification medium with you in addition to your smartphone, be it an AirKey key tag on your key ring or an AirKey card.

You can immediately delete any access authorisations you granted in the event that the smartphone is lost. You can immediately authorise an alternative smartphone (e.g. via the smartphone replacement function, which automatically deactivates the old smartphone).

We recommend you immediately deactivate this identification medium in the online administration and transfer this information (blacklist) to your cylinder using your smartphone. You are not on site? Each smartphone with maintenance authorisation to your locking system can also transfer this security information to your cylinder (without operating the component in the process).

You require KeyCredits to create and change unlocking authorisations (keys). Operation itself does not require additional KeyCredits and is thus free of charge.

KeyCredits must also be redeemed to activate the AirKey interface for other systems.

KeyCredits are available from your EVVA Partner.

AirKey works with Android smartphones and iPhones
Android 8.0  and above and iOS 14 and above

EVVA tests the compatibility with certain smartphones. You can see an overview in the

Smartphone Checker

NFC and Bluetooth feature identical security standards. You yourself decide which technology to use with your Android smartphone. With iPhones you can use Bluetooth only.

AirKey is available from your EVVA Partner.

AirKey is available from your EVVA Partner. Your EVVA Partner will also be happy to help you in planning the project.

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