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Our sustainable strategy

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Sustainability: a question of culture

Sustainable action is firmly rooted in our EVVA culture. Numerous examples can be found in our values and in the Code of Conduct for all employees. Our Code of Conduct contains clear rules for law-abiding business practices, fair competition and appreciative, respectful interaction.

EVVA has defined clear guiding principles for its environmental policy:

  • Economising on raw materials and energy
  • Avoiding emissions and waste as much as possible
  • Viewing waste as potentially recyclable
  • Raising environmental awareness by informing employees and initiating a dialogue

Long-term: Thinking in terms of generations

We are a family-owned business with security expertise in the 7th generation. In addition to the owner family, numerous employees and their families work at EVVA across generations. At EVVA, what counts is long-term well-being and the continued successful development of the company. This is one of the many reasons why our staff turnover rate is below average. Moreover, decades of reliable relationships with our customers and business partners are also the rule and not the exception.

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Value creation: looking at the big picture

EVVA considers the entire value creation process for its sustainable goals. From the conception of products that are as sustainable as possible to purchasing from regional suppliers and to resource-saving production. In the "Our projects" menu item you will find sustainable EVVA topics across all stages of the value chain. Examples in the reporting period:

  • Research & Development: Product development accelerated in cooperation with stakeholders; usage of new, more energy-efficient product components; established innovation management
  • Purchasing: Need for oil and water is reduced thanks to clean production; suppliers analysed according to regional proximity
  • Logistics: Proportion of reusable pallets increased; lean management tools introduced to reduce waste
  • Production: Proportion of clean production increased; more energy-efficient LED lighting; expansion of own photovoltaic systems; compressed air system greatly improved; state-of-the-art digital production technologies implemented
  • Sales & Communication: environmentally friendly packaging; stakeholder dialogues expanded; online ordering platform established
  • Sustainable use, after-sales: Delivery performance optimised; satisfaction surveys conducted; GDPR guidelines anticipated; durable products

In Balance: Economy, ecology and society

Even a single implementation can have many positive effects. For example, our oil-free Clean Production reduces resource consumption (= ecological sustainability), it saves hundreds of thousands of euros in purchasing and disposal (= economic sustainability) and it prevents skin irritation among production employees (= social/social sustainability). We set ourselves the challenge of combining economic efficiency, environmental protection and social benefits in our projects.

Replacement; Decisions in dialogue

Our sustainable strategy is based on networking. EVVA involves various stakeholders in processes and decisions – for example in product developments or the analysis of the most important key sustainable issues for our company. Many different perspectives keep us fresh and innovative. Everyone learns from each other – and new ideas and inspirations arise from this exchange.

Digitalisation: The focus is on people

EVVA invested in further digital manufacturing technologies and processes during the reporting period. This Industry 4.0 boost strengthens our competitiveness and thus our economic sustainability. But it also brings challenges. EVVA management takes the insecurities that can arise among employees seriously. For this reason, no new digital tools are introduced without intensive simultaneous training. Personal communication at EVVA is increasing and not decreasing. EVVA has expanded the personal info breakfasts between employees and management. More on this under Employee satisfaction.


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