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Shared living spaces are all the rage in modern residential living: a rooftop swimming pool or meditation space in the basement. In a locking system with electronic component products that are used for shared spaces and mechanical component products that are used in doors to property. Consequently, residents benefit from increased convenience and operators spend less time on managing the master key system. EVVA knows how.

Your requirements:


  • Event log Because your tenants want to know who accessed which facility at which time if an expensive mountain bike goes missing or if they would like to set up access schedules to gyms or swimming pool facilities
  • One system for all purposes Because your tenants would like to unlock their properties, bike sheds and swimming pool facilities using only one type of medium (e.g. combi key)
  • Key copying protection Because access authorisations and reordering keys must follow specific, secure processes
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Our solution:


Mechanical EPS, ICS, 4KS locking systems
grow with the facility and levels of complexity:

  • EPS – student residences
  • ICS – residential complexes
  • 4KS – Management authorisations (several residential complexes with several properties)

The electronic AirKey locking system

  • The smartphone is the key
  • Send keys via the Internet
  • Residential properties: mechanical locking systems – Shared facilities: AirKey
  • AirKey combi key


Facility type: Residential complex
Country: Denmark

Kastanjebo chose the premium system ICS for the security of this cooperative housing units.

Kastanjebo is a cooperative residential housing located in north-western Copenhagen. The area is part of a currently exciting development including several modern shops, cafeterias and restaurants - making this a demanded area in Copenhagen. The original buildings were built in 1957, originally meant for employees from the local hospital, but these have been since sold to Kastanjebo, and since then the buildings have been renovated and adapted to the current residential needs (cosy outdoor area, modern laundry rooms and equipped with top quality security.

Kastanjebo consists of more than 100 apartments offering also different communal areas, setting high security requirements.

Thanks to the ICS system, the Kastanjebo residents are top equipped at the security level. ICS provides a strong key copying security with a long patent validity, as well as a comfortable use on the everyday life thanks to the ergonomic grip and the reversible key system.

Furthermore, the ICS system is distinguished by the special key copying protection, its robust and compact design, and its security against attack. Thanks to the ICS functionality complex master key systems can be easily realized.

In charge of the extensive security arrangements was the local EVVA partner, Bagger Låse & Alarm A/S. More information on the company Bagger Låse & Alarm A/S can be found here

Beak Serviced Apartment

Size:1-100 units
Facility type: Residential complex
Country: Hong Kong SAR of China

Successful residential AirKey project in Beak Lane, Hong Kong

The Serviced apartments in Beak lane in Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong rely on AirKey since 2016. The 26 apartments are all equipped with AirKey cylinders and the users benefit from the flexibility of the system. If maintenance or cleaning of the room is scheduled, the staff can enter the room by being granted an access authorisation while every access can be monitored just-in-time by the owner of the apartment. Our Hong Kong based EVVA partner Tung Fat Ho did not only specify the project but also install and support the project from day one. Thanks to the combination of their service and the EVVA products, the users of Beak Lane Serviced Apartments are happy to use a flexible and modern access control system such as AirKey.

For the installation using AirKey was beneficial due to the modular design, which enables to adapt the length of the cylinders on site and therefore simplifies the planning. Furthermore the high quality design provides an eye-catcher for the users and their guests.


Size:> 500 units
Facility type: Residential complex
Country: Denmark

Skibbroen: a luxury apartment complex located at the southern harbor of Copenhagen chose the EVVA EPS locking system to ensure that all their security requirements were covered.

Skibbroen is an apartment complex located in central Copenhagen and provides the residents with excellent shopping opportunities, a walk along the harbor and transportation to the inner city by metro. The building consists of two angular buildings, each six to eight floors containing 184 flats in total, with an incredible view of the water and harbor. All these features have made it one of the most desired buildings in Copenhagen.

The building had high security requirements, which is why the EVVA EPS locking system with a long patent life was chosen by the owners. EPS offers additional to the patent, an overlapped key profile against and secure elements against picking as well as different security levels thanks to the additional side bar and negative control element. These attributes are very beneficial to a high-profile building such as Skibbroen.

The local EVVA Partner Bagger Låse & Alarm A/S was in charge of the solution, which met all the security requirements for the building manager, and exceeded the expectations of the residents and project managers. More information on the company Bagger Låse & Alarm A/S can be found here.

ARGENTO secured with MCS

Size:101-500 units
Facility type: Residential complex
Country: Austria

The impressive, old building with its ample and tranquil yard has been modernised in style as well as enhanced by three appealing, new buildings. A total of around 75 single apartments, ample family living space and luxurious penthouses.

ARGENTO represents contemporary, urban living and a tranquil, green space at the same time. A harmonious correlation between old and new is created and integrated into the historic environment. In terms of locking systems, maximum quality and exemplary security was also paramount.

A green island within the city

Living in Vienna's fourth district means benefiting from the delightful privilege of a maximum quality of life. The Wieden district is one thing more than anything else: a pleasure to the eye. ARGENTO is close to Karlsplatz and Belvedere. Many other, points of interest, also in the inner city are quickly accessible on foot within a few minutes. EVVA's MCS (Magnet Code System) was chosen as the luxury property's locking system to create a particularly secure residential environment.

MCS - 100% security with an attractive force|

MCS security technology was developed in close cooperation with technical universities and uses magnetic force. EVVA is the only manufacturer that produces this type of high-security magnetic master key systems. The magnetic technology of MCS keys guarantees 100% key copying protection. Complex master key systems can be realised with a practically limitless range of variations. Despite the versatile technology, the system is highly wear resistant. The permanent magnets also have a long durability under extreme conditions.

Eco Silver House

Size:101-500 units
Facility type: Residential complex
Country: Slovenia

The Eco Silver House is a luxurious residential complex in the heart of Ljubljana, Slovenia's capital.

On a floor space of 23,455m² the Eco Silver House features 128 apartments with top-of-the-range equipment. The Eco Silver House is a passive house characterised by particularly high levels of energy efficiency and a small ecological footprint. An outstanding locking system was required for the high-tech apartments, various community areas and the three main entrances to the residential facility. The local EVVA Partner convinced with excellent advice, service and high-quality products. A locking system with 273 EPS cylinders was planned, installed and linked to the fingerprint access control system for individual apartments. EPS is characterised by elements including the patented length profile and integrated tampering control to meet tenants strict security demands.


Size:> 500 units
Facility type: Residential complex
Country: Belgium

Zuidzicht is a striking building with commercial premises and modern apartments in the Belgian town of Hasselt.

Its central location in a charming environment and excellent transport links to the surrounding cities characterise this ambitious residential complex and shopping centre hybrid. Operators had clear locking system security characteristics in mind — not just in terms of the budget. A mechanical locking system with patent-protected cylinders up to at least 2025 and simple administration features. The local EVVA Partner provided the perfect solution thanks to the FPS system which met all requirements as well as satisfied residents' and business owners' security demands. FPS operates at two levels on the basis of a reliable pin system and features solid locking pins. The fact that an FPS locking system can be easily modified and extended only benefits the circumstance that Zuidzicht will be built in phases as part of which other buildings will be added.

Cinnamon Dom

Size:> 500 units
Facility type: Residential complex
Country: Poland

Key experience: one of Poland's largest residential associations based in Ursynów commissioned EVVA with the implementation of a mechanical locking system featuring a transparent structure.

In addition to reliable functionality, the association also demanded long-term patent protection for the product. Building owners opted for an EVVA EPS locking system and it was recently completed after meeting the requirements to organisation and coordination with now over 1,000 cylinders featuring different locking combinations for 250 different user groups. Veteran partner MATO was responsible for local installations.

GWG Gemeinnützige Wohnungsgesellschaft

Size:> 500 units
Facility type: Residential complex
Country: Austria

GWG is the largest, non-profit residential association in Upper Austria. The organisation plans and manages numerous residential complexes, most of all within the local capital.

"With around 19,000 residential units throughout Linz we offer modern and secure homes to 40,000 local residents", according to a statement on the GWG website. The over 32,000 mechanical EVVA 3KS cylinders which correspond to today's 3KSplus system underline the fact that it is not just an empty promise. GWG residents can also rely on first-grade security at front doors. The mechanical 3KS locking system is well-renowned throughout the world and provides maximum security thanks to drilling, scanning, picking and plug extraction. Thanks to the patented, springless functionality keys will last a lifetime – unlike in conventional cylinders where locking sliders are pushed against a spring, the locking sliders in these cylinders are moved using curve keys cuts.

This object was realised with the locking system 3KSplus, which corresponds to today's 4KS locking system.


Size:> 500 units
Facility type: Residential complex
Country: Switzerland

Despite the village's proximity to the international airport it has maintained its rural character. The almost 6,000 strong population benefits from an excellent infrastructure, countless sports and leisure-time activities, an active village and club community as well as numerous picturesque hiking and cycling routes.

The Neufeld quarter defines an independent part of town within the municipality of Oberglatt. The residential development features a total of 188 residential units and 1,200 EVVA ICS cylinders which were installed by our EVVA Rotkreuz team. The entire residential development in Neufeld-Oberglatt has been built to meet Minergie standards and provides convenient ventilation throughout all residential units. One boarded basement partition is available per residential unit. The underground garage provides space for 191 cars. Individual layouts, generous residential and outdoor areas as well as different residential unit types make sure everyone can find a suitable property featuring the ICS locking system within the right budget. The ICS system is ideal for locking systems with a host of different user groups. In developments, such as Skypark Oberglatt, where operators are familiar with users, ICS scores high marks: as reversible keys their specially developed tips make ICS keys particularly easy to insert. The key thickness of 3 mm and the high-quality nickel silver alloy make the key very durable and resistant to wear. Its concealed, inner recesses which make an unauthorised duplication of keys virtually impossible are unique. The time-tested curve system, the durable length profile and distinctive track system with internal recesses provide maximum levels of protection. Scanning takes place on five tracks through thirteen spring-loaded locking sliders and the durable length profile. ICS cylinders are produced in modular design (SYMO) to provide more than just flexibility. They can consequently be adapted to the relevant door requirements directly on site.

Windisch mill

Size:> 500 units
Facility type: Residential complex
Country: Switzerland

A new, lively and urban quarter with a host of residential and office spaces is being developed in several stages on the premises of the former, traditional silk mill. Architects were looking for an individual and special locking system. They opted for ICS, perfectly geared towards the requirements to organisation, security and convenience.

The area merges unconventional residential loft apartments within historic factory walls with modern residential buildings, ample space for service providers, retail units and workshops. Architects are also planning on integrating restaurants as well as leisure time and cultural offers. It won't be long until crowds of people meet in an appealing atmospheric mix of old and new buildings. Strict design regulations dictate the quality, use and design of the future development as well as its use. As this was such a unique project, high standards were required by those responsible for the building's security. That's why a particularly wear-resistant, mechanical system was chosen: EVVA's ICS (Inner Code System), a system which excels thanks to its resistant length profile, time-tested curve system and concealed biting. Around 700 mechanical lock cylinders were installed throughout the premises of the former silk mill to guarantee maximum levels of building security. This ensures that producing unauthorised duplicate keys is virtually impossible. Particularly different user groups require intelligent locking charts. As a result of the company's history spanning almost a century, EVVA was able to fall back on plenty of experience to benefit this project. All this was supplemented by the ICS keys' unique security characteristics in combination with the innovative ICS lock cylinder technologies. In any case, the silk mill in Windisch is ready for any future extensions thanks to ICS. EVVA security technology has enabled operators to provide an optimal security system for the premises while EVVA was once more able to prove its high capacity standards as a single-source provider.

Master key systems

EVVA is also a genuine master key system professional able to tackle any levels of complexity in terms of organisational structures and to implement them within the corresponding master key system.

Find out more about our master key systems

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