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Our stakeholders

How we network with others and create lasting dialogues with them

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Stakeholders are persons, companies or communities with whom EVVA has points of contact in the value chain and in the social environment (e.g. social initiatives). Through regular discussions with them, EVVA learns whether the chosen route is right and which trends and developments show promise – because innovation and development go hand in hand.

Involve stakeholders: The sustainability topics assessed as particularly relevant by the stakeholder groups surveyed are depicted in the materiality analysis. EVVA uses various dialogue formats to exchange information with everyone on a regular basis. Stakeholder feedback from the following dialogues is either communicated directly to the management and the sustainability team or via regular cross-departmental meetings. After an appropriate evaluation, it is included in reporting. EVVA initiates projects with actions and objectives for all key topics.


Overview of our stakeholders and dialogues:


  • Large quantitative satisfaction survey of partners (security specialists, locksmiths, etc.) approx. every 4 years
  • Inclusion in the materiality analysis for the EVVA sustainability report (workshop) approx. every 4 years
  • Telephone satisfaction surveys by EVVA quality management several times a year
  • Ongoing integration into product development, user experience; exchange between EVVA product developers and long-standing partners at the concept stage
  • Digital product board for the electronic Xesar access system. Partners and customers can use this idea portal to exchange ideas with EVVA
  • "Golden Events" with sales and team-building workshops several times a year
  • Ongoing product and application training at the EVVA Academy
  • Regular personal support and visits by EVVA sales staff
  • Ongoing partner feedback to EVVA on customer requirements (in dialogue with product management)
  • Partner newspaper twice a year
  • Partner portal and regular partner newsletters
  • Factory tours

General contractor, end customers

  • General contractors receive personal support jointly from EVVA and its partners
  • End customers receive personal support from our partners
  • Factory tours


Information & Communication:

  • Info breakfasts/info cafés at all locations: Management dialogue with employees and managers report on the latest developments in the EVVA Group, several times a year
  • large quantitative employee satisfaction and health survey approx. every 4 years
  • Inclusion in the materiality analysis for EVVA sustainability report (qualitative workshop and quantitative survey) approx. every 4 years
  • Ongoing intra-departmental and inter-departmental meetings
  • Cross-divisional networking events (branch office conferences, start of the year, etc.), several times a year
  • Regular strategy meetings
  • Employee orientation talks twice a year
  • Family Days with the families and friends of the employees approx. every 5 years
  • Christmas parties
  • Employee newspaper 3-4 times a year, daily intranet news, internal collaboration platform with Like, Comment and Chat function

Education and training:

  • Comprehensive onboarding
  • Ongoing management training/workshops
  • Offer of "collegial advice" for conflict resolution if necessary
  • Comprehensive further training programmes from the EVVA Academy for all employees
  • Participation in the internal improvement suggestion system "WoW!" (= ideas for product and process improvements) and "Genius" innovation management (= ideas for completely new products/processes/services)
  • 24 internal cross-departmental EPOS teams (EVVAs ProductionsOptimised System) that propose and implement optimisation projects in the company

Research facilities

  • EVVA has been in close contact with research institutions such as the Vienna University of Technology, the Vienna University of Applied Sciences, the CDP (Center for Digital Production), Fraunhofer Institute, etc. for decades. Many product innovations such as the unique mechanical magnetic code system (MCS) have been developed in cooperation with universities and research institutions. EVVA is working with the CDP to further develop digitally supported production processes
  • Integration into the materiality analysis for EVVA sustainability report (workshop)
  • Ongoing involvement and cooperation in product development
  • Factory tours


  • Integration into the materiality analysis for EVVA sustainability report (workshop)
  • Regular quality management and coordination meetings
  • Factory tours

    Architects, planners

    • Personal support from EVVA
    • Factory tours

    Tendering bodies

    • Ongoing exchange

    Media Press

    • Regular press releases, press conferences if necessary
    • Personal exchange (e.g. at trade fairs)
    • Factory tours

    Associations & Interest Groups

    • EVVA CEO Stefan Ehrlich-Adám is Deputy Chairman of the Professional Association of the Metalworking Industry (FMTI) in the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber and Head of the Committee for Labour and Social Affairs of the Federation of Austrian Industry: he is personally committed to the issues of industry, to sustainability, to education and solutions to skills shortages, etc.
    • Member of the respACT sustainability platform and of the Sustainability Circle. Regular exchange; participation in talks, workshops, surveys on current sustainability issues, etc.
    • Annual exchange with City of Vienna for Ökoprofit award and the top apprenticeship award
    • Further EVVA memberships under GRI index, 2-28

    Supervisory board

    • Supervisory Board meetings with EVVA management at least 4 times a year

    Local communities

    • For more than 10 years, we have been supporting and personally exchanging information with the children’s protection centres of "die möwe"
    • Personal exchange/job shadowing/company tours with pupils and entire school classes (www.schuelergestaltenwandel.at) on the topics of sustainability and choice of profession several times a year
    • Participation in Daughter Days

    Immediate neighbours

    • Factory tours, as necessary


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