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Statement by the CEO

Why sustainability? Because we take it personally.

Sustainability. What does this much-quoted word mean for us? Our vision expressed in one sentence: Take responsibility for your own actions – economically, ecologically and socially. Although this is a challenging task, it is a pleasure. Because demonstrating responsibility means being able to influence the Here and Now and actively shaping the future.

For us and our family-owned business EVVA, this means taking environmental protection into account in all strategies. We seek to combine production and sustainability, exchange ideas with stakeholders and secure jobs through prudent Corporate Governance. A responsibility that is more important than ever during a global pandemic.


You can't save the world alone. But you can already achieve a lot if you know your strengths. At EVVA – as a leading manufacturer of mechanical and electronic access systems in Europe – we want to be involved wherever we can help in shaping our world and its positive development. We want to apply leverage where we can make the greatest impact. Because this is also where the greatest potential for improvement lies. This EVVA sustainability report, which is no longer published on paper but exclusively in digital form, shows which economic, ecological and social levers this involves. We are constantly updating it. So it’s worth checking in more often. We can promise you: It is intriguing to witness how the industrial sector and sustainability can combine and grow together.

Consequently, EVVA is a pioneer in sustainability. We published the first report in 2005 – and as far as we know we were the first company in the industry to do so – at a time when hardly anyone had pronounced the word. This entails a great deal of responsibility: We want to continue to stretch the company and pursue sustainable innovative paths. We owe this not only to future generations, but already to our generation today”

Nicole and Stefan Ehrlich-Adám
managing directors and owners
of EVVA Sicherheitstechnologie GmbH

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