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Statement by the CEO

Why sustainability? Because we take it personally.

Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together. Time is running short, and we are facing challenging tasks. In the coming years we can make important steps towards transformation and sustainability.

For EVVA as a family company and for us sustainability is an important topic in all our strategies, in working towards pre-determined goals. We thus underline again our responsibility as an organisation to implement important changes. We are looking for new, alternative manufacturing methods and technologies, we strive to further reduce our CO² footprint, and we remain in current exchange of ideas with important stakeholders.

It takes innovative ways and thoughts to be able to live sustainability every day. We can only meet this requirement together with our employees by creating the right framework to enable creativity and innovation. We question existing business models, invest in alternative manufacturing methods, drive research and development forward, position respectful cooperation at the center of our values and integrate sustainability as a fixed component of our business activities and our daily decisions.


We thus take responsibility for our own actions in three important dimensions - economic, ecological and social. We want to prove that industrial activity and sustainability can complement each other. It is a challenging task, but it is rewarding. Because showing responsibility means being able to influence the here and now and actively shaping the future. Assuming responsibility is also the order of the day in the corona pandemic. We quickly implemented a working concept for comprehensive information, active communication and steady prevention to ensure the health of our employees and uphold ongoing operations in the best possible way. With success: the labor inspectorate explicitly praised EVVA's corona measures as "best practice".

You can't save the world alone. But you can achieve a lot if you know your strengths.  As a leading manufacturer of mechanical and electronic access systems in Europe, we at EVVA want to get involved wherever we can make a significant contribution to shaping our world and its positive development. We want to apply leverage where we have the greatest impact. We update our sustainability report on an ongoing basis. So it is worth checking in regularly.


EVVA is a pioneer in sustainability. As a family company, we think in terms of generations for generations. It is our mission to use fewer resources to reach a high level of customer satisfaction and live a meaningful business model that is supported by all stakeholders. We not only owe this to future generations, but also to our current one.

Nicole and Stefan Ehrlich-Adám
managing directors and owners
of EVVA Sicherheitstechnologie GmbH

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