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EVVA Sicherheitstechnologie GmbH

Access to security

EVVA develops and manufactures mechanical and electronic access control systems. Since its foundation in Vienna in 1919, EVVA has always been a family-owned business. We continue to run research, development and production facilities at our company headquarters in Vienna to export our products to all four corners of the world. However, EVVA is not just a manufacturer of security products, EVVA is also a reliable contact for any security issues customers or partners may have.


Our competences

Comprehensive expertise at EVVA

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Universal competence EVVA has been researching, developing and producing security technology since 1919. Excellent products, knowledge, experience and competence are the result. Show more

Our values

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Dynamically into the future

Inspiring, innovative, creative, courage and freedom of thought

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Diligent, planning and transparency, competent and independent, focussed on targets and results, customer benefits are at the core

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EVVA as a family-run business

Sustainability, long-term planning, economic success

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Appreciation, respect, fairness, sincerity, honest communication

Our history

Family-owned business since 1919

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From the first patent to the EVVA Group Since it was established in 1919, EVVA has always remained a family-owned business. The company has gradually become increasingly more specialised, and has always adapted to current market requirements. Are you ready for a trip back into time? Let's go! Go to trip back into time

EVVA culture

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Our mission statement outlines EVVA's philosophy and provides orientation for the organisation on a whole. It forms the basis for corporate culture and identity, and represents the framework for strategies, objectives and operational activity.

  • We amaze our partners and customers
  • Listening – Understanding – Solving
  • Better be simple than complex
  • Assuming responsibility one self
  • Objectives, costs and benefits in focus


[Translate to UK:] EVVA Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct represents a binding guideline for all EVVA Group employees.

It forms the basis for all business-related actions and decisions at EVVA so we are always perceived as a correct and reliable partner.

The Code of Conduct contains rules to eliminate any forms of developing risks, such as corruption, unfair business practices or a lack of respect. It shall apply in collaborations with colleagues as well as external suppliers and partners.

The EVVA brand

Strong products. Strong brand.

EVVA produces strong products. Reliable, high-quality security products. However, we are aware of the fact that producing strong products is no longer enough nowadays. Today, it is also about establishing great brands. Strong brands are established in our customers' minds. Making the EVVA brand tangible at all contact points is our approach. 

Brand core

EVVA is THE reliable, family-owned business within the access control system sector.

Brand values

Professionalism, partnerships, sustainability

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Sustainability creates trust for the future.

As a family business, EVVA includes corporate social responsibility (CSR) in its company policies. By corporate social responsibility, we mean actions which meet the needs of today’s generation and which do not put the opportunities of following generations at risk. It is not only a question of defining values, but also of putting them into practice.

The three pillars of sustainability at EVVA are: Social welfare, businiess and environment.Our efforts in recent years have shown that ways of preserving resources and reducing the impact on the environment can be identified anywhere and at any time – even beyond existing, stringent official requirements.

EVVA quality

Quality is when the customer comes back and not the product.


EVVA quality is always based on our customers' subjective understanding of quality. EVVA's consistent quality work is based on what customers need and how they need systems to work. At EVVA, we apply a system operating across divisions to verify the quality of individual results. Ultimately we create renowned EVVA quality products our customers can always rely on.


Customer orientation

As a company, we focus on the wishes and expectations of our customers. We gear all of our services towards the fulfilment of these requirements.

Process orientation

As a company, we believe that all individual working stages form part of a process for the fulfilment of customer requirements. Our motto is therefore not to accept, do, or pass on anything that does not meet the requirements of our customers, or the requirements of everyone else involved in the process. 

Preventing errors

Preventing errors is paramount in all our processes. However, if errors do occur we use them as a learning experience and treat them as a challenge.

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The development of state-of-the-art technologies and the need to continually adapt to new demands are indispensable for EVVA. This is the only way we can maintain our high level of innovation. Our numerous awards bear witness of this.

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