Product: 4KS , 4KS
Size: > 500 units
Facility type: Health care facilities
Country: Austria

Flexible access control and the ability to manage it are basic requirements for smooth processes. With over 4,000 doors, openly overlapping areas and a number of different locking groups, the mechanical locking system at VETMED had to be ideally configured and adapted. Unauthorised duplicate keys and opening attempts with cylinder picking must be technically impossible. The EVVA 3KSplus system with springless locking sliders and three-curve technology merges all those technical requirements to also implement mechanical systems within such an organisationally complex structure and still leave plenty of room for future extensions. Planned with EVVA expertise and produced to meet well-renowned EVVA quality standards.

This object was realised with the locking system 3KSplus, which corresponds to today's 4KS locking system.


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