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AirKey Cloud Interface with more features

News | 15. November 2023.
New release simplifies processes

The AirKey Cloud Interface is an interface (API) that connects third-party software to the AirKey Online Administration. This allows certain AirKey features to be controlled directly via customer software. This simplifies processes and saves a lot of time.

With the new AirKey release, component settings can now also be managed via API.

The following settings can be applied:

  • Set and change geotagging
  • Enable manual and automatic office mode
  • Adapt personal data logging
  • Activate hands-free mode
  • Assign access components to certain areas and much more

Better app integration

Other apps can now also access the AirKey app directly via a deep link. For example, this is very convenient in a gym app that can easily access the AirKey app to open the gym or locker. Simplifies user guidance enormously.

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