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Vienna master key system for Vienna residential building

26. July 2023.
EVVA combines electronic and mechanical access systems for sustainable Wientalterrassen residential project.

The certified climate-active residential 'Wientalterrassen' construction project in Käthe-Dorschgasse 17, 1140 Vienna, is a real exception in many respects. Here, the focus was not only on creatingliving space in Vienna, but also on implementing the social and sustainable aspect of living in a pioneering way. The project also combines three EVVA access systems: Xesar, AirKey and EPS. The climate-friendly and resourceefficient residential construction project in the Penzing district of Vienna sets new standards in sustainable, social and future-oriented living. The project was implemented by the non-profit developer WBV-GPA Wohnbauvereinigung für Privatanstellen (Residential Building Association for Private Employees). Franz Pranckl, the project manager responsible for project management and general planning, explains:

“The focus here was not only on creating living space in Vienna but also on the social and ecological responsibility that residential construction entails.”

Versatile residential models for different needs

The area located in western Vienna between the Westbahn line and the Vienna West Exit was built from autumn 2020 and handed over to tenants in 2022 for turnkey use. Through these innovative residential models, the non-profit developer caters to a wide range of lifestyles.

“With 196 subsidised rental apartments and 99 smaller, so-called SMART apartments, the range is aimed primarily at single parents. The project also includes two children’s and youth home communities, two supervised residential units for people with special needs, a generation-connecting day centre of the Board of Trustees for Vienna Pensioners’ Homes and another day care centre for external wheelchair users and offices,” says Pranckl.

The partially open and closed courtyards are suitable for communication and interaction outdoors. The Wientalterrassen project is a winning project from a public property developer competition run by ÖBB Immobilienmanagement GmbH and Wohnfonds Wien. Due to the greening of the courtyards, roofs and three community terraces, a diverse flora is created to counteract heat islands.

Sustainable energy supply through geothermal and solar thermal energy

The project sets new standards in terms of energy supply. An energy system that uses geothermal energy is used here. For this purpose, a 9.1 km-deep hole was drilled. Three heat pumps raise the temperature to the required level. The system is operated via a heat recovery system and the heat is dissipated via pipes in the concrete ceilings. A solar thermal energy system supports the core activation of the concrete ceiling. The solar panels were developed in Switzerland. In summer, the operation is reversed and cold water, rather than warm water, is fed through the ceiling. This gives the apartments passive cooling. The heat extracted from the apartments is returned to the ground via the depth probes. Hot water generation via wastewater is also a Swiss invention. The entire wastewater from the building is collected, the heat is extracted via heat exchangers and brought back to the required temperature level with the heat pump. This is an innovative concept that contributes to sustainability on several levels.

For Franz Pranckl, “this type of heating or energy supply represents a milestone in the direction of cost-effective living as both rent and running costs for heating and hot water can be minimised.”

Secure and flexible master key system

One component of the project is the EVVA master key system. The Xesar, AirKey and EPS access systems were combined here. The result is a tailormade master key system that offers maximum security and flexibility while also being easy to use. With AirKey, residents can open and close the doors to the communal areas and the climatefriendly Wientalterrassen, for example. The access control system – combining electronic and mechanical access – offers a high level of security and convenience. The three access systems Xesar, AirKey and EPS ensure that only authorised persons have access to the apartments and communal areas. Xesar is particularly well-suited to complex requirements. It enables the management of numerous locking components and offers different access media such as cards or tags. AirKey is a mobile access solution that makes it possible to open doors with a smartphone. EPS is a mechanical access system that is characterised by high resistance and clearly structured access systems, such as here in residential buildings. The combination of these three systems offers the highest level of security and flexibility.

Sustainable and social living for a worthwhile future

All in all, the Wientalterrassen residential construction project at Käthe-Dorsch-Gasse 17 is an impressive example of forward-looking, sustainable and social
living. The combination of innovative residential models, a climate-friendly energy concept and secure access systems offers residents a high quality of life.

“We can only hope that further projects of this kind will be realised in the future and will help to create a worthwhile future for everyone.”



Project: Wientalterrassen with combined access control system
Product: AirKey, Xesar & EPS
Facility category: Residential building
Country: Austria
Implementation: EVVA & ES security technology, Mr Erwin Stummerer
Scope: 18 AirKey cylinders, 4 AirKey wall readers and 700 media. Xesar had 30 Xesar escutcheons and 4 Xesar wall readers. EPS features around 1,300 cylinders and 2,200 keys.


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