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Partner portrait: Security first

News | 21. July 2022.
EVVA Partner Easy Network based in Algeria has been a fan of electronic systems from the beginning. SECURITYNEWS interviewed the EVVA Certified Partner to find out why and how he solves technical issues for his customers.

How long has your company been in existence?

I founded my company in 2012 with the aim of offering my clients tailor-made technological solutions and thus adding value to their business, increasing corporate security and minimising risks.

Is your company a family business?

The passion for IT and technology runs in the family. EASYNETWORK, founded by me, emerged directly from the computer company INFO STAR COMPUTER, in which all my brothers work, founded by me and my older brother, who is also a professor of computer network technology at University of Sciences and Technology in Algier. As a proud family man, maybe one day the next generation will take over the business. My team and I value respectful and positive collaboration at work, just as it is lived in a healthy family.

If so, what do you think is the secret of your success?

As the name of my company suggests, it's all about "simple networking". What is meant is focusing on the personal customer contact, providing customer satisfaction and an open ear for their concerns. 

Is Easy Network a project-oriented company?

Yes, we work in very different kind of projects with high security and technology requirements, from private houses and offices to hotels and state-owned companies such as STAEM (Algerian national tobacco company). 

How does it work when you realize an access control system for a customer?

The most important thing is first to gather the customer's needs and key data for the project. Furthermore, one great strength of our company is offering a complete solution: cloud-based solutions, IT management services (particularly servers and IT networks), CCTV, fire detection and access control systems.

What is your advice as an electronic solutions supplier?

Perfect combination of consultancy & know-how. Especially in electronic solutions, we move in a fast-moving digital world in which one can quickly get lost. Comprehensive support is important here, especially at the beginning, so that the customer becomes familiar with the handling of electronic access systems.

What is your advice for newcomers to the industry?

Generally important for newcomers: Building a relationship of trust with the client and aiming to offer each client a tailor-made solution to match their needs. Just as I know EVVA does when dealing with its customers/partners.

Easy Network

Founder & Owner: Rabah Meddahi
Company name and contact: Easy Network
117 Cooperative el Saada Birkhadem, 16330 Algiers
Phone: +213 235 767 38 
Mail: easynetwork77@gmail.com
Web: https://www.easynetwork77.net/ 



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