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Service: How do I protect my company from cybercrime?

News | 12. July 2022.
Not too much is required to secure the in-house IT systems better against cybercriminals. So, here are five essential tips for more security.

When it comes to IT security, it is not only the technical safeguards that play a role, but also the people who interact with the technology. To combat this, the Austrian Federal Office of the Interior (BMI) recommends two things: in addition to a robust infrastructure, i.e. the network, the goal must be to ensure that the user handles the technology as securely as possible. So, IT security is more than just technology; it is also the ability to interact securely with this technology. But what does this look like specifically?

Five tips for better IT security that everyone can implement

  1. This is the right way: ­passwords
    One of the most basic measures to protect against hacker attacks is the use of secure passwords. Strong passwords should be used to minimise risk. Passwords should preferably be random and contain a wide range of different characters. It can be quite difficult to come up with these and remember them. Tip: use a password manager to assist with managing them.

  2. Recognise suspicious signs: emails 
    Your inbox is flooded with messages every day. It’s no wonder phishing email is the hacker’s favourite medium. In any case, it is important to check the legitimacy of the email with regard to certain features: irregularities with the sender, links and file attachments can be an indication of phishing.

  3. Analogue measures are also important: a clean desk
    Beim Verlassen des Arbeitsplatzes sollte der Computer mit einem Passwort gesperrt werden. Auch sollten auf dem Schreibtisch keine wichtigen Daten offen einsehbar sein.

  4. A data gold mine for hackers: social media 
    Hackers use private information from social media – including for attacks in a professional context, in the form of targeted phishing attacks. Many employees are not aware of this perfidious trick. It is recommended that you carefully check which friend requests you accept. Messages that link to login pages are also often a sign of a phishing attempt.

  5. Take action swiftly and resolutely: security incident 
    Despite the precautions, you are not sure if there is an IT security incident. If in doubt, it is better to react one too many times. Keep calm and contact the respective IT department. Timing plays an important role in security incidents, so it’s important to react quickly.


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