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Tips for customer consultations

News | 12. February 2021.
Personal yet secure: the video call

Successful consultation via video call is marked by a well-structured sales process with active discussions. Here are five concrete tips for the virtual sales talk.

1. Create the right technical conditions
Ensure the necessary technical conditions are in place. Be familiar with how your tools work and set up a common working window so that all participants have the same view on their screens.

2. Adapt your appearance and behaviour
Adapt your appearance and behaviour to the virtual situation. Your counterpart only sees a small part of your body. Patterns on your clothes or necklines that are too low could distract the other person; sweeping gestures may not be properly recognised. Good lighting is just as important as a calm background.

3. Create a personal atmosphere
Do not dive straight into the sales talk. Instead, firstly create a personal atmosphere by having a short conversation and saying a few nice words before you start. When the sales talk happens at the customers’ premises, drinks or snacks are generally offered first and there is some small talk to lighten the mood.

4. Lighten up sales consultations
Increased use of media in coronavirus times causes tiredness and even exhaustion. So, avoid lengthy monologues in video calls. Liven sales consultations up with explanatory videos or graphics.

5. Actively involve customers
Actively involve your customer in decision-making. For example: ask the customer what price they would expect for a specific product or service. Where appropriate, he can adjust this himself on the computer with a slider. This way, the other person is fully mentally involved.


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