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On the way to new normality

News | 01. September 2020.
EVVA is your reliable partner. Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Only last year EVVA celebrated the company’s 100th anniversary. At that time, it was a good opportunity to look back not only on the years of groth and expansion, but also on the challenges and threats. Nobody could have imagined at that time that just one year later the company, Europe and the rest of the world would be confronted with the effects of a pandemic. The things that were taken for granted, the plans and the forecasts were suddenly wiped off the table. This was a great shock for all those generations who have never experienced any real threats in their lifetime; nothing since the last world war which ended exactly 75 years ago; and those who have never experienced restrictions to their personal freedom,

How will the economy develop?
But not only every individual feels the effects. The question remains unanswered: What consequences are to be expected for the economy and for all of us? What are the consequences of the lockdown? And how will this development continue in countries that have locked down public life? And what does this mean for each business enterprise? The closing of businesses, the restrictions for craftsmen in the exercise of their trade, the ongoing financial obligations - all this will lead to problems in the coming months which can push businesses of any size to the limits of economic existence.

A reliable partner …
EVVA has more than 100 years of experience - during this time, two world wars devastated Europe and destroyed the infrastructure, and a global eco­nomic crisis led to a recession with millions of unemployed. But the enthusiasm for reconstruction also motivated thousands. EVVA was always part of the story. And also this time it will be the same. EVVA is a healthy and reliable family business that has successfully mastered all the difficulties of the past. This is due to its vision and down-to-earth manner and thus it is well positioned to continue to do so in the future.

… especially in times of crisis
You, our partners, are a very precious, no matter whether you are a one-person company or a small or medium-sized enterprise. We won’t let you down. You can count on us to be there for you. Because above all we are synonymous with partnership. And thus we have already set the course to continue to fulfil our obligations to you. With the customary professionalism and the reliability you rightly expect.

We are here for you if you need us
Because we do not only sell high quality products, but also look after our partners and customers in a personal and reliable way, according to their individual needs. We are guided by these values. At the same time, the search for the optimal solution for our partners and their customers is always in the foreground. In doing so, we provide competent support through consulting and production and above all through innovation. This goal orientation and rigorous customer focus make us a proven partner for the entire field of access systems - even in these challenging times.

Well positioned to face a yet uncertain future
We did not expect such serious consequences either. However, our crisis team did its utmost to adjust the company’s course. Within a very short time, we organised remote working for the office staff. We have divided our manufacturing operations into teams that are working short-time to maintain the necessary production capacity.
In this way we can continue to ensure that our branches continue to supply our customers. At the same time, we have implemented the necessary protective measures for the individual production sites in accordance with the law, so that we can restart our production after the end of the lockdown, taking account of the new circumstances.

Hygiene tips for EVVA access components
›    To clean the visible surfaces of access components, you can use a soft, lint-free cloth and soapy water. In addition, alcohol-based disinfectants may be used.

›    Please disinfect the entire door area, i.e. door leaf, handle, cylinder, key ring – simply everything that, either deliberately or inadvertently, is touched when a door is opened and closed.

›    Please do not! Do not use any corrosive products or sprays.

›    Ensure that – especially in the case of a disassembled thumbturn – that no fluids can enter the cylinder and that the visible surfaces of an electronic thumbturn are only cleaned when it is not open.


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