AccessDesigner 3.5

Version 3.5.2101.2101

Resolved problems:

  • "Search/Replace": Replacing a 'minus' (-) by any other character resulted in the loss of locking functions in central cylinders
  • Synchronisation of change requests to an order from an subordinate organization did not work properly
  • Navigation: selecting a main option activates the first selection
  • Checking for unmeant functions: truncated lists of functions (> 8000 characters) are now transmitted in full length. The check is executed only for cylinders which have not been ordered already.
  • Technical datas are reliable disponible for all keyed alike positions
  • Data requests to very large charts resulted sometimes in memory exceptions
  • Singular occuring problems when shipping an order ("Object changed by another user") are resolved


  • Missing offer number leads no longer to a warning
  • Recognition of individual profile systems has been optimised
  • Screen texts have been modified in some cases, some tooltips have been added
  • At "Replace Placeholder" the number of blocks is displayed. A not integral value indicates an error in settings (i.e. wrong number of lines selected)
  • In the tab "orders" (left listing) the name of the user who has shipped the order can be displayed
  • Technical data: importing datas in a plan where the exclusive profile number is "." (dot) is now possible without error message
  • Additional warnung when shipping an order to a non-EVVA-plan
  • The headers of the tabs "order elements", "additional articles" and "attachments" indicate the number of items (tab "orders"). Empty tabs are incative.

AccessDesigner 3

Version 3.5.2006.301

  • In some cases the validation "is EVVA plan" failed when importing DAF files.
  • Creating "keyed alike" functions updates also central locking functions.
  • Manual renaming of positions with placeholders sometimes led to wrong results.
  • After copying a plan the "current order" could not be set correctly.
  • Invalid mail addresses from import led to errors in data request.
  • Error message on trying to export a plan into a locked excel file optimized.
  • Update framework of the web methods to .NET40/.NET45.
  • The column "surcharges" is no longer available for the list of plans. Therefore also the error when using a "%" in a search criterium is avoided.
  • In excel export the owner is now display in the header informations.
  • Renaming keys or cylinders to other existing positions also synchronizes technical data (if present).
  • Deleted logos are no longer taken as default for new plans.
  • Help content is availale in French.


AccessDesigner 3

Version 3.5.2002.2801

  • Error on checking "reset order" response solved
  • Column "isOrderedPlan" removed from plans overview (not in use any more)
  • Excel import: locked productcodes are no longer errors but warnings
  • On change of key or cylinder number the manufacturing data are synchronized or removed
  • Error in locking function when using place holders in reproduction solved
  • Orders of type "in house production" can be reset
  • Action "New" and "Delete" removed from plan validiation (not needed)
  • Excel export and printout of compressed view in PlanDesigner disabled

AccessDesigner 3

Version 3.5.1912.201

Resolved problems:

  • Detection of EVVA-plans has often gone lost (import from Excel)
  • Planned individual keys were missing in order file
  • NotificationsRefreshInterval configurable on server side (performance optimation)
  • Locked input fields in configurator could be emptied by user
  • Unreadable characters in cech version of configurartor resolved
  • Error message „object relation not linked on an object instance“ resolved
  • Order canceling with Sofon plans did not work properly
  • Plans from Sofon were not recognized as EVVA-plans
  • Wrong error indicators in configurator
  • ValidateType – optimizing of return codes and error handling
  • Export of manufacturing data to Word or Excel did not work


AccessDesigner 3

Version 3.5.1911.502

Resolved problems:

  • Correction of wrong types with individual profile charts
  • Misleading error indicator with new charts in individual profile
  • PlanDesigner: NullReference-Exception when sorting
  • Inapplicable user notification at order canceling
  • NullRefException when running the configurator by double click from the editor
  • GUI-Freeze after data request
  • NullRefException in FetchOrderItems 
  • Order canceling not successfully transmitteg to main frame


Version 3.5.1910.3101


  • Direct input in PlanDesigner (edit existing data, add new key/cylinder items)
  • Quick recording of repeat orders and new small systems in PlanDesigner (Excel-like)
  • When extending an EVVA system: Check for possible incidental locking (fewer queries)
  • NEW for product configurator: new EVVA product codes, improved product code check (currently only available in German)
  • User notification: Now available as push notification with reminder feature
  • Create presets for "Request order confirmation" and "Goods/invoice recipient" (for new charts)
  • When you log in for the first time after a version update: New features / changes listed


  • System type, profile system description, label "EVVA system" have been updated
  • The previously displayed types have been changed to new product codes (as much as technically possible). The original type description is displayed as a Tool Tip.


  • Extended preselection for printing locking charts and Excel exports
    • A3/A4 format
    • Select from current / open / completed /  all orders
    • Option: "Incl. pre-planning" or "Limit to selected cylinders"
  • Notice: The selection of marked cylinders must happen in the "PlanDesigner" tab
  • The "Production data" area in the "Header data"  tab of a system will only be displayed for individual profile systems
  • Selectable order types for a better summary or limited to specific systems
  • Results of the check (order completion and chart check) standardised and more clearly laid out
  • Optimisation of chart data retrieval: When you enter a valid EVVA system number, data can be retrieved immediately via the dialogue window
  • Optimisation of header data (e.g. old system fee) when you enter a valid EVVA system number
  • Keys with no locking function: Error when the order quantity is greater than zero
  • Improved status information in the event that the AccessDesigner server is unavailable
  • Production data: Profile information is always shown in the first position with page breaks


ERROR FIXES (already partly in Version 3.4)

  • Corrected display of total quantity for key variants in PlanDesigner and when exporting
  • SILCA-DAT - inaccurate limit values were displayed for some profile systems
  • Redundant entries in the message box with "intelligent insertion"
  • Area check only if key / cylinder number represents an area specification
  • Optimisation of the area check in relation to the associated text fields (door number, room description, function description)
  • Individual keys could be subsequently "created" for already ordered items without an individual key
  • Inaccurate validation result, "Missing profile system" for KWD imports
  • Incorrect KWD files resulted in an infinite loop when importing  
  • KWD import - cylinder order did not match the initial chart
  • Validating or similar actions while loading charts caused errors
  • Restoring a chart from an auto-saved version after disconnection caused an error message to appear
  • Occasional errors when making notes on locking combinations