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applicants at EVVA is used in compliance with the guidelines Our electronic access system AirKey complied fully with these requirements long before 2018, when the GDPR first became legally binding. AirKey is of [...] ion data is stored in EVVA’s own data centre. EVVA encryption methods (double encryption via ECDSA and AES) are among the most secure in the world All data is stored in the EVVA data centre according to [...] and firewalls. EVVA simulates hacker attacks in coordination with external IT partners in order to detect potential security gaps. EVVA performs these simulations on a regular basis. EVVA also uses separate


existing mechanical product range and attract new end customers. EVVA launched its in-house developed electronic security systems Xesar and AirKey on the international market in 2014, both of which can also [...] Increase in EVVA specialist trade partners for electronic access systems. Expansion of EVVA locations. In the reporting period the site in Vienna was extended by an additional building and the EVVA site in [...] potential of their countries EVVA offers its partners its own training and further education courses to keep them up to date with the latest security technology – either directly at EVVA or via webinars or video


the UK, etc. EN15684 Our mechatronic cylinders for Xesar and AirKey access systems are externally certified to complying with this standard EVVA systems are thus tested and certified internationally. They [...] "denkstatt enertec GmbH", which audits EVVA's energy balance and energy efficiency every 5 years. In 2021 denkstatt carried out a CO ² check at EVVA Annual EVVA environmental report which is reviewed and [...] guarantee of always being up to date and of being one of the best. Selection of existing EVVA certifications: EN1303. All EVVA mechanical systems are checked for compliance with this standard by external international


systems all over the world, EVVA has a corresponding energy requirement. We need most electricity for our manufacturing processes, e.g. for machines/manufacturing 50%, compressed air/compressors 22%, cooling [...] as a key sustainability topic in stakeholder dialogue. 100% green electricity Until recently, only around 55% of the electricity we bought came from renewable sources. On January 1st, 2022, the EVVA headquarters [...] to the pandemic. According to an external energy audit, EVVA is in the midfield compared to other metalworking companies. Emissions In 2021, EVVA analyzed its headquarters' emissions according to scope


system manufacturer in Europe to be awarded the ISO 9001 quality certificate. EVVA also exceeded all GDPR guidelines with the AirKey electronic access system in 2014, years before they became mandatory. The [...] Since its foundation in 1919, EVVA's distinctive inventive spirit has probably been its most important attribute. This is already reflected in the company's name: The name EVVA in German comes from E rfindungs [...] absolute necessity for EVVA. Access technologies must always be up-to-date and be able to withstand criminal techniques in the best possible way. How important this topic is for EVVA in every sustainable


sustainable use of materials and resources has been defined by our stakeholders as a key topic – Clean Production by EVVA is one of the strongest levers for this. The company introduced Clean Production machines [...] approx. 300 machines already produce using this technology. In 2021, EVVA put two new clean production systems into operation, one for key cutting and one for the production of high-quality locking cylinder [...] Constantin II alone increased the CP share at EVVA by 5%. It saves 5.8 tonnes of oil/water, which is 28% of the total requirement for these two resources at the EVVA headquarters. Our purchasing costs for oil


In addition, the EVVA team programmed a virtual tour through the EVVA building Initiated by the EVVA cooperation partner "Step up", a consulting company for management systems, EVVA has been participating [...] Xesar and AirKey are launched on the market – partially developed together with RISE GmbH. In the age of digitalisation, scientific and technological cooperation is more important than ever. EVVA's research [...] partners: CDP (Center for Digital Production) where EVVA is a co-shareholder (photo at the top) Development and testing of production software that networks EVVA machines with each other. Objective: The production