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Defined as a key topic for EVVA GRI 302: Energy; 305: Emissions UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), No 7: Affordable and clean energy; No. 12 Sustainable consumption and production

Investments in clean energy are among the most sustainable of all. EVVA has built its own photovoltaic systems (PV) at several locations in order to generate part of the energy needed itself.

Photovoltaics EVVA Vienna

Photo of a part of the photovoltaic system from EVVA Vienna
Part of the Photovoltaics at EVVA Vienna

Since 2013, the 705 solar panels on the roofs of the headquarters have supplied the EVVA main production site with environmentally friendly energy. In 2013 we started with 340 panels, and an additional 25 panels have been added 2021. After a roof renovation in 2024, further panels are planned.

It is a large commercial photovoltaic plant in Vienna. It currently generates 285,000 kWh per year, as much as around 80 private households consume annually in electricity (assuming 3,500 kWh per household and year). The EVVA photovoltaic system is a pioneer in the district, and many neighbouring companies have followed suit and installed their own systems. Our PV produced over 1.55 gigawatt hours (= 1,550,000 kWh) between 2015 and 2022. We had originally calculated with 15% less, i.e., the plant is more efficient than expected.


In 2021, the headquarters extension in Wittmayergasse in Vienna was completed. A photovoltaic system has also been installed on this new building over the maximum possible roof area. These new panels have 50% more power than the previous, older ones because PV technology has developed significantly. As a result, our own total energy generation has increased by around 35,000 kWh to 285,000 kWh per year. The new PV system of the extension ensures complete water heating in the summer. The costs of the previous PV system will be amortised by 2025, and those of the new PV system on the extension by 2030.

  • Our photovoltaics in Vienna cover 5.64% of the electricity demand of EVVA Vienna. This allows us to maintain basic power in the event of a total power outage. Because the installation of access solutions can be continued manually for a while.
  • Our PV system saves us around 30,000 euros per year on energy purchases (which will be even more profitable from 2022 due to higher energy prices. Price in summer 2022 at 11 cents/kWh) and the environment 65 tons of CO2 emissions.



Photo of the photovoltaic system in EVVA Italy
Photovoltaics EVVA Italy

Photovoltaics EVVA Italy

Since 2013, when our Italian Villorba branch was renovated, a PV system on the roofs has been performing its valuable service. It produces 38,000 kWh per year.

Photo of the photovoltaic system in EVVA Netherlands
Photovoltaics EVVA Netherlands


Photovoltaics EVVA Netherlands

The PV system at the EVVA site in Hengelo has been in operation since December 2019. The 180 panels provide a total output of around 57,000 kWh (60.3 kwp) per year, covering a large part of the energy needs of the branch.

“At the end of 2019, we restructured our EVVA Netherlands building and also invested in photovoltaics. The system produced about 50% of our energy needs in 2020 and 78% since 2022, also because we switched to LED lighting in 2021. Our photovoltaics have already saved 86,530 kg of CO2 emissions”, explain Rick Baayens and Arno Scholten at EVVA Netherlands.

Our targets

Fulfilment date: 2024

How: EVVA is currently planning a photovoltaic system at another site, in Tišnov, Czech Republic. A new building was constructed and opened in 2021. The PV system is now expected to provide a significant part of the required energy.

Positive impacts: The site is expected to be able to generate 100 kWp of electricity itself. More on this in future updates.


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