STAEM Algérie

Product: AirKey
Size: 1-100 units
Facility type: Offices
Country: Algeria

STAEM, official and exclusive representative of PHILIP MORRIS, ALTADIS and IMPERIAL TOBACCO GROUP in Algeria, needed a flexible and secure access control system for their office headquarters in Algier. The EVVA project partner in Algeria, Easy Network, carried out the complete IT and security installation on the STAEM headquarters (IT Network, alarm, CCTV and access control). The AirKey electronic locking system was the perfect match for this project thanks to its high flexibility: the cloud-based management can be used from every location, and the system can be accessed and managed by the administrators all over the country. This means there is no need to worry anymore regarding lost keys or media, or in general unahuthorised accesses on the premises, as authorisations can be immediately revoked online on the AirKey system, and access to the event log on the installation is granted worldwide. Besides, the use of smartphones as identification medium instead of cards allows cost reduction and provides ease of use and an even higher security level.


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