AirKey macht das Smartphone zum Schlüssel

AirKey. Simply smart

Fully dynamic security

AirKey makes your life easier and gives you greater independence. With AirKey you can open doors with your smartphone, send keys via SMS and easily organise your entire access control system. Consequently, AirKey offers you maximum freedom and maximum security – professionally or privately.

Your AirKey benefits

  • Sending keys to smartphones online
  • Free app and online administration
  • For small to complex access control systems
  • Product quality and data security made in Austria


AirKey Zylinder einseitiger Zutritt

AirKey cylinder

AirKey cylinders are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They represent the central AirKey system security product featuring plug-pulling and drilling protection, rotary damper and an integrated secure element to guarantee secure data archiving. Thanks to its modular design the cylinder is easy to install and adapt in length.

Hybrid cylinder

Electronic systems combined with mechanical systems

  • Mechanical and electronic systems combined in a single cylinder
  • Suitable for combination with all current, modular, mechanical systems
  • Quick and simple conversion of mechanical systems
  • Electronic, individual profile with combi key

AirKey wall reader

The AirKey wall reader can be used indoors and outdoors. In combination with the wall reader control unit, it is suitable for controlling electronic locking components in doors of all kinds, e.g. granting access to sliding and swinging doors, lifts and electronic separation systems.

AirKey Wandleser in drei Farben
Das AirKey Hangschloss für zum Beispiel Container

AirKey padlock

The AirKey padlock is the ideal supplement for the AirKey system. It flexibly protects server cabinets, delivery boxes, self-storage warehousing space or even barriers. Thanks to IP65 protection rating the padlock is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

AirKey identification media

Along with the smartphone, you can also use key tags, combi keys or cards as access media.

Schlüsselanhänger, Kombischlüssel und Karte als Zutrittsmedium
Onlineverwaltung auf Laptop

AirKey online administration

Online administration is the control centre to create new keys or block existing keys. It is free of charge, quickly set up and easy to operate.

AirKey app

The free Airkey app is intuitive and suitable for iPhone (from iOS 10) and Android 4.3. It turns your smartphone into one or more keys for different systems. You also create and update other access media with the AirKey app, such as cards or tags. The optional pin code provides additional protection for the app.

AirKey App auf Smartphone
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KeyCredits Karte


KeyCredits are required to create or change access authorisations. Consequently you only pay for what you actually need. Quantity or time-based credits are available. As a rule, unlocking doors and deleting access authorisations is free of charge.

Europäische Datenschutz Grundverordung

AirKey meets EU Data Protection Directive

Today AirKey already meets the strict data protection guidelines which will be introduced as the European data protection directive in May 2018. AirKey was developed as the most data-protection-friendly access control system together with certified data protection expert Dr Christof Tschohl.

As secure as online banking

  • All data is stored anonymously with repeated backups in case of power failures on EVVA servers, meeting strict Austrian security standards.
  • This central administration protects users' digital keys much better than would be possible with individual protective measures.
  • Secure data transfers between your Internet browser and the EVVA server takes place via a protected https connection, used also in online banking.
  • The highly secure ECDSA and AES encryption processes additionally protect the AirKey system and its components.
  • AirKey meets strict EU Data Protection Directive guidelines

Security products and accessories

  • Certified Secure Elements (=highly secure memory elements that actively encrypt and decrypt) in AirKey components and identification media set the new security benchmark for electronic keying systems.
  • An event log for the last 1,000 access events ensures seamless transparency.
  • AirKey cylinders are equipped with drilling protection, plug pulling protection, rotary damper and rated break point on the outside thumb turn.
  • AirKey access media exclusively use highly secure NFC smart cards.
Sichere AirKey Produkte
Frau mit Smartphone benutzt AirKey

Secure smartphones

  • The AirKey app can also be secured with an individual PIN code.
  • If you lose your smartphone, access authorisations can be deleted immediately in the online administration.
  • Effective protective mechanism with installed encryption process.
Nutzer der Onlineverwaltung

Smart security for more flexibility

AirKey provides flexibility, independence and a simple application. Most of all mobile service providers, such as community nurses or maintenance engineers operating throughout several infrastructure facilities and companies with a number of branches benefit from flexible key handovers directly to smartphones by text message (SMS).

AirKey What is AirKey?
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