XESAR for the castle theatre: The largest German-speaking theatre in the world relies on EVVA

Product: Xesar
Size: 1-100 units
Facility type: Cultural/leisure time facility
Country: Austria
Partner: Favoritner Schlüsseldienst Ges.mbH
+43 1 6026217

The castle theatre has always been in the spotlight for the Viennese. It was always considered particularly pleasant to go "to the castle“. Back in the 19th century, rumours and scandals surrounding the castle actors were among the most popular themes of the Viennese. In the castle, the various social hierarchies could meet, although their places were strictly separated from each other. The castle actors "linked" the two stands and enjoyed a particularly high social status in Vienna as a result.

In 2016, the technical director of the building decided to rethink the security concept on site. Too often in the past, unauthorised persons gained access to the property and an overview was no longer guaranteed. An electronic access system was also discussed as part of these changes. After a rough cost estimate in 2016, the decision was then made to provide the necessary budget funds for this and - together with EVVA - to tackle the project.

The first step was to equip two floors in the main building, and then gradually extend the system to the entire property. In the final phase, the academy theatre and casino on Schwarzenbergplatz will also be integrated into the facility.

Favoritner Schlüsseldienst from Vienna was acquired as a partner for this, and has already been a certified partner from the beginning. Thanks to their experience, the EVVA certified partner enjoys a high level of trust among many public customers - especially in the city of Vienna.


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