“St. Martin” Catholic child daycare centre in the Erfurt diocese gGmbH

Product: AirKey
Size: 1-100 units
Facility type: Educational facilities
Country: Germany
Partner: Schuh- und Schlüsseldienst Ralf Bornemann Leinefelde
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Management of 26 child daycare centres
The supporting organisation for Catholic child daycare centres within the Erfurt diocese was established in 2010 and on 1 January 2011 it took on the responsibility for a current total of 26 child daycare centres. The managing director, Mr Aurel Bergmann, was seeking a very secure and easy-to-control
access system for individual offices, shared conference facilities and an adjacent childcare centre at the Kefferhausen headquarters. In addition to internal management solutions, the system administration also had to be available across sites – for potential extensions –
and as part of an integrated, flexible system. "We require transparency in terms of who gains access to where and at which time", Bergmann adds.

AirKey convinced us
AirKey is easy to use", explains Mr Bornemann, responsible for the installation and managing director of the locksmith business "Schuh- u. Schlüsseldienst Bornemann" from Leinefelde. "Although not much convincing was necessary here. The user-friendly interface and easy adaptation of access authorisations speak for themselves.” The church community, employees and parents now use AirKey – a smart, electronic access control system made by EVVA. "Thanks to AirKey we can now control schedules and define which user groups are granted access to certain facilities. This is paramount for the conference facilities that are also used by our external clients", Bergmann explains. The straight-forward extension options of the system were also important. There are currently also discussions about installing AirKey´in additional child daycare centres.

Simple and secure – no need for additional infrastructure
Developed and manufactured in Austria, the electronic AirKey system offers a flexible solution to the supporting organisation of St. Martin child daycare centres. At present, access to the facilities and the adjacent child daycare centre is protected by a total of 12 AirKey cylinders and one AirKey double cylinder. On the basis of legal stipulations, two of these cylinders have been equipped with an anti-panic function. The initial equipment for the six user groups includes 50 AirKey key tags, 100 KeyCredits and a coding station for programming. "Designated administrators can now send keys online. And they need nothing but a smartphone or the coding station, Internet access and an AirKey cylinder", Bornemann adds. It is just as quick and simple to once again revoke access authorisations in the online administration.


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