Neuroth Medical Division trusts AirKey

Product: AirKey
Size: 1-100 units
Facility type: Offices
Country: Austria
Partner: Knox Electronics KG
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Better hearing for more than 105 years

Quality and service are an integral part of Neuroth's corporate philosophy. Each hearing aid and each earpiece is indivudally fitted and produced in a complex manufacturing process using modern 3D printing technology and manual finishing in our own technology and logistics centre in Styria. The reason? every ear is as unique as a fingerprint.

Neuroth Medical Division

For more than 60 years, Neuroth Medical Division has been working with ear, nose and throat specialists as well as audiological departments at teaching hospitals or regular hospitals, providing them with medical and audiological measuring and control devices as well as therapy and treatment units. In order to offer customers the option of trying out and comparing a diverse range of products, a new showroom was recently opened at the 1050 Vienna site. In addition to the basic equipment for an ENT specialist, the latest products are also regularly presented here and open house days with different topics and professional advice are organised.

Very clear locking system requirements

"We were seeking a locking system suitable to assign and log schedule-based as well as area-based access authorisations while maintaining the security levels and a good cost/benefit ratio", Albert Kesisyan, Certified Partner and KNOX customer advisor explains the requirements. The system must guarantee that certain authorised users or persons can exclusively gain access to important warehousing and office facilities at defined times. It is equally important that lost keys do not require costly cylinder replacements and subsequent assignments of new keys. "We opted against a new, mechanical master key system because we saw the signs of time", Kesisyan adds. Consequently, perfect requirements for EVVA's electronic access control system AirKey.

Customised access control system

Comprehensive support, as is customary at Neuroth, was also required from the installation company KNOX, which recommended AirKey and was thus able to obtain all system components from one manufacturer. AirKey cylinders and key tags with a chip were used to secure the external and internal doors. In regards to the different user groups for the company building, Neuroth Medical Group places great importance on flexible access configuration and the option to withdraw access quickly if keys are potentially lost. The simply designed online administration, which enables autonomous management, was also a decisive factor.

The customer is satisfied: "as a traditional, Austrian company, Neuroth has been familiar with EVVA for a long time and thus we quickly decided to opt for their services. KNOX experts explained the intended access control system in plenty of detail. The levels of advice were outstanding, honest and comprehensive. The access control system that was subsequently installed in our warehousing facilities operates smoothly and to our full satisfaction. The support from KNOX is also extraordinary – we have never regretted having opted for the EVVA AirKey system", med. Antonius C. Kierner explains as the managing director at Neuroth Medical Group.

Simple and secure – no need for additional infrastructure

Developed and manufactured in Austria, the electronic Airkey system offers a flexible access control solution. Thanks to AirKey the key is sent via Internet. All you need is a smartphone, Internet access and an AirKey cylinder, as they have here at Neuroth. The AirKey app and the unique EVVA KeyCredits turn this smart access control system into a user-friendly, complete solution.

There is no need for dedicated software thanks to the AirKey online administration. Simply drag and drop to grant access authorisations to smartphones or identification media. At the same time, access authorisations can be removed quickly and easily via the online administration. Access events, i.e. "who has been where?", are alsoavailable online at any time. Just as the battery status of the cylinders can be queried. The AirKey system is compatible with all conventional Internet browsers as well as operating systems and requires no dedicated software installation or special IT infrastructure.


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