Murugan Temple, Toffen

Product: Xesar
Size: 1-100 units
Facility type: Cultural/leisure time facility
Country: Switzerland
Partner: ACS Sicherheits- und Schliesstechnik
+41 31 721 38 35

It is striking how many temples exist in India, from small shrines on a street corner or in an apartment to imposing, huge works of art made of granite and marble. The most sacred statues are the tortured statues of the gods, Murti or archavigraha, which are located inside the temple. They are only honoured when they have been "revived" with the divine power and grace through a traditional inauguration ceremony (prang-pratishta). Xesar provides visitors to the temple with secure and flexible access. The Xesar software allows users to be created or blocked in the system without any problems.


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