Product: ICS
Size: 1-100 units
Facility type: Residential complex
Country: Denmark

Kastanjebo is a cooperative residential housing located in north-western Copenhagen. The area is part of a currently exciting development including several modern shops, cafeterias and restaurants - making this a demanded area in Copenhagen. The original buildings were built in 1957, originally meant for employees from the local hospital, but these have been since sold to Kastanjebo, and since then the buildings have been renovated and adapted to the current residential needs (cosy outdoor area, modern laundry rooms and equipped with top quality security.

Kastanjebo consists of more than 100 apartments offering also different communal areas, setting high security requirements.

Thanks to the ICS system, the Kastanjebo residents are top equipped at the security level. ICS provides a strong key copying security with a long patent validity, as well as a comfortable use on the everyday life thanks to the ergonomic grip and the reversible key system.

Furthermore, the ICS system is distinguished by the special key copying protection, its robust and compact design, and its security against attack. Thanks to the ICS functionality complex master key systems can be easily realized.

In charge of the extensive security arrangements was the local EVVA partner, Bagger Låse & Alarm A/S. More information on the company Bagger Låse & Alarm A/S can be found here


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