Josefsheim community centre - assisted living facilities, Hörbranz

Product: 4KS , AirKey
Size: 1-100 units
Facility type: Health care facilities
Country: Austria
Partner: Vogler KG
+43 4355 7442542

The director of the community centre was impressed with AirKey from the very beginning. The possibility of using a smartphone to open doors and, thus, to do without any keys, is an absolute advantage that was a decisive factor for him. The simple administration of granting key authorisations or deleting lost identification media, such as cards or key tags, is also very important for welfare institutions, as changes are very common. Thus, the decision was made very quickly and the entire exterior of the community centre was equipped with AirKey.

The mechanical locking system 4KS was chosen for the interior spaces, such as offices and the serviced apartments. The springless system is characterised, in particular, by the convenient, easy key insertion –a very important feature for a residential facility that is designed with elderly people and people with disabilities in mind.

Our EVVA Partner Vogler KGtook on the assembly and support for the system to the customer’s full satisfaction.



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