Home Philippin - Erezée

Product: Xesar
Size: 1-100 units
Facility type: Residential buildings for communities
Country: Belgium

The ideal location for people in the third and fourth stages of life has been created just outside the village of Amonines in a park-like environment. It offers different forms of residential, care and nursing facilities, considerable variation and countless opportunities for social interaction. A modern locking system has also been installed. This Philippine residential care facility is now secured with the electronic access system Xesar from EVVA.

Xesar: Health assuredIn the healthcare sector in particular, there are highly sensitive areas to which not everyone has access.
Ensuring that these areas are kept secure, while allowing staff fast access to the individual zones, requires a safe yet flexible locking system.  Access authorisations can be issued and revoked flexibly, which means that only those who really need access will have it. Xesar, for example, was installed at Home Philippin.


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