Düsseldorf main station

Product: 4KS
Size: > 500 units
Facility type: Infrastructure
Country: Germany
Partner: Denkhaus GmbH
+49 211 985 80 10

An unusually high number of parameters had to be taken into account in the security concept at this site for travelling and shopping, such as the high levels of mechanical load on the locking system at highly frequented hotspots. As a result, operators opted for EVVA 3KSplus. In addition to high levels of security this locking system is consequently also particularly durable and resistant to wear. We were able to comply with all organisational structures and hierarchies within access control. EVVA was additionally able to positively surprise with short delivery terms and outstanding levels of on-site support.

This object was realised with the locking system 3KSplus, which corresponds to today's 4KS locking system.


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