Corda Campus

Product: ICS
Size: > 500 units
Facility type: Educational facilities
Country: Belgium

On an overall area of around 70,000 m² the facility provides offices, laboratories and studios. At Corda Campus, innovative start-ups as well as small and medium-sized companies come together to pool their resources or pursue very individual strategies. The security within the office facility is maintained by an EVVA locking system based on the robust and flexible ICS locking system. Thanks to their modular design, ICS cylinders protect from unauthorised access in several ways. Practical, ergonomic, reversible keys ensure maximum locking convenience and any expected changes and consequently extensions to the business hotspot in Limburg can be implemented easily using the ICS locking system. At present the locking system includes around 2,000 cylinders representing the most diverse access authorisations, which were obviously installed in compliance with all, strict delivery periods and budget specifications.


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