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Schliesssystem von EVVA. Denn bei AirKey wird der Schlüssel per Internet verschickt. Dazu braucht es nicht mehr als ein NFC-fähiges Smartphone, das Internet und einen AirKey-Zylinder. Die AirKey-App und die  [...] die einzigartigen EVVA-KeyCredits machen aus diesem smarten Schliesssystem eine userfreundliche Komplettlösung. Dank der webbasierten AirKey-Onlineverwaltung ist eine eigene Software nicht notwendig. Die Bedienung


facilities have been secured using AirKey. The EVVA Certified Partner "Haus für Sicherheit" took care of the installation. The partner presented AirKey in collaboration with the EVVA sales team and it immediately [...] are also in use. If a smartphone or key tag is lost or stolen, both components must be electronically locked. "Our advantage is that we are using NFC with AirKey. AirKey quickly and easily adapts to orga [...] selecting AirKey our customer opted for a modern, electronic locking system which can operate without additional identification media because NFC-compatible smartphones are used instead. "AirKey ideally

system AirKey offers a flexible solution. Thanks to AirKey the key is sent via Internet. All you need is a smartphone, Internet connection and an AirKey cylinder. The AirKey app and the unique EVVA KeyCredits [...] criteria: Security, various access authorisations and simple application using smartphones – AirKey by EVVA was able to meet all demands. The consulting, planning and subsequent installation was carried [...] workshop - and the large number of users place very high demands on administration and security. AirKey is the right solution The locking system we needed had to be as versatile and flexible as the everyday

themselves.” The church community, employees and parents now use AirKey – a smart, electronic access control system made by EVVA. "Thanks to AirKey we can now control schedules and define which user groups are [...] equipment for the six user groups includes 50 AirKey key tags, 100 KeyCredits and a coding station for programming. "Designated administrators can now send keys online. And they need nothing but a smartphone [...] require transparency in terms of who gains access to where and at which time", Bergmann adds. AirKey convinced us AirKey is easy to use", explains Mr Bornemann, responsible for the installation and managing director


: the system was supposed to be integrated into NEW-owned IT. No problem for EVVA! AirKey has an API interface, the AirKey Cloud Interface. Other special requirements included easy app installation and [...] of 216 wall readers and 616 AirKey cylinders with 80 components were installed for the 2,200 employees' smartphones and 300 identification media were set up in the form of key tags for external users. In [...] browser and the EVVA server via a protected https connection, making it as secure as online banking. The highly secure ECDSA and AES encryption processes additionally protect the AirKey system and its


wurden insgesamt 14 Türen mit AirKey gesichert. Die Inbetriebnahme erfolgte durch den EVVA-Certified-Partner „Haus für Sicherheit". Gemeinsam mit dem EVVA-Außendienst wurde AirKey vorgestellt und überzeugte [...] dass wir mit AirKey NFC nutzen. AirKey erfüllt schnell und einfach Anpassungen an Organisationsveränderungen und sich damit veränderten Schließberechtigungen“, freut sich Kai-Uwe Plößer, EVVA-Certified-Partner [...] Montage neuer Zylinder möglich“, erklärt Willi Ermentraut, EVVA-Außendienstmitarbeiter und mit verantwortlich für dieses Projekt. Dabei fiel mit AirKey die Wahl auf ein modernes elektronisches Schließsystem

solution. Thanks to AirKey the key is sent via Internet. All you need is a smartphone, Internet access and an AirKey cylinder, as they have here at Neuroth. The AirKey app and the unique EVVA KeyCredits turn this [...] the installation company KNOX, which recommended AirKey and was thus able to obtain all system components from one manufacturer. AirKey cylinders and key tags with a chip were used to secure the external [...] It is equally important that lost keys do not require costly cylinder replacements and subsequent assignments of new keys. "We opted against a new, mechanical master key system because we saw the signs of


Serviced apartments in Beak lane in Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong rely on AirKey since 2016. The 26 apartments are all equipped with AirKey cylinders and the users benefit from the flexibility of the system. [...] Apartments are happy to use a flexible and modern access control system such as AirKey. For the installation using AirKey was beneficial due to the modular design, which enables to adapt the length of the [...] Hong Kong based EVVA partner Tung Fat Ho did not only specify the project but also install and support the project from day one. Thanks to the combination of their service and the EVVA products, the users


without saying that all this is carried out with a single key. The project involved the installation of 55 AirKey wall readers managed by around 600 AirKey identification media. [...] doors that are linked to access doors featuring anti-panic locks. EVVA Partner KSE installed an integrated alarm system including AirKey control system that allows authorised users to switch off the alarm [...] alarm and access the facility. Thanks to the vast potential of AirKey systems, cloud-based database management solved a central issue that was of fundamental significance for planners: access control for

of the community centre was impressed with AirKey from the very beginning. The possibility of using a smartphone to open doors and, thus, to do without any keys, is an absolute advantage that was a decisive [...] decisive factor for him. The simple administration of granting key authorisations or deleting lost identification media, such as cards or key tags, is also very important for welfare institutions, as changes [...] decision was made very quickly and the entire exterior of the community centre was equipped with AirKey. The mechanical locking system 4KS was chosen for the interior spaces, such as offices and the serviced