Mechanical locking systems

EVVA's mechanical locking systems offer the matching levels of security for any facility.

Secure your property most effectively with mechanical door locks and cylinders from EVVA. Our wide product portfolio also includes security solutions for shops, sports facilities, hotels and offices. With a wide variety of keys and locking systems, you will be able to find customised solutions for your property.

Mechanical locking systems are used to secure buildings in a simple way. In a mechanical locking system, properties, people and objects are secured using cylinders and door locks.
Different variants make it possible to implement various access authorisations very individually. You can decide for yourself, together with EVVA, who can gain access to which area of a building.

In contrast to electronic locking systems, mechanical locking systems are primarily used in places where the keys issued rarely change hands.

4KS stands for the unique "4-Kurven-System", or 4-curve system, and it is one of EVVA’s best mechanical master key systems. The shape of the key makes it even more compact and ergonomic than its predecessors. It is very durable, making it suitable for complex master key systems.

MCS (Magnetic Code System) represents the combination of magnetic and mechanical coding. This locking system impresses with the highest level of security. It cannot be reproduced by 3D printers, providing complete copying protection.

The ICS (Inner Coded System) reversible key system provides effective protection thanks to the unique combination of three different locking technologies: The specially shaped, durable length profile, the time-tested curve system, which scans locking authorisation and the improved pin tumbler system. The depth of the three cuts on the bottom of the key are now concealed – a unique feature not found anywhere else in the world. These components make unauthorised key copying almost impossible.

EPS (Extended Profile System) is an evolution of EVVA's successful pin tumbler systems. The main feature of EPS is the patented, multiple overlapping key profile. Authorisation check is verified on several security levels.

FPS provides excellent and simple security amongst the mechanical locking systems. With its tried-and-tested technology, FPS is ideally suitable for small master key systems. FPS has its own unique EVVA feature: the optimised key cuts reduce wear and tear, ensuring even more security and a long service life.

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