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EMZY. Electronic motorised cylinder

Simple, automatic security

Want to guarantee that certain external and internal doors reliably lock and unlock at a certain time of day? Perhaps the entrance door to a shared office should be permanently open during office hours but reliably locked afterwards? Then EMZY by EVVA, the electronic motorised cylinder, is the right choice for you.

The benefits of EMZY at a glance

  • Controlled locking and unlocking
  • Easy retrofitting
  • Simple configuration via the app
  • Interface to third-party systems


EMZY. Powerful presentation on your door No matter where installed, EMZY stands for reliable security and visual elegance. No matter where EMZY is used, it stands for reliable security and visual elegance. Whether in shared offices, in a medical practice or in doors to particularly sensitive areas, the EMZY locks and releases automatically whenever you want.
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Shared office
EMZY - Your reliable doorman! The main entrance to the office building is open during working hours and automatically locked afterwards.
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Many rooms need to be reliably locked to protect life and limb, such as the chemistry laboratory in a school.
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Medical practice
EMZY enables automatic door opening for patients. It keeps the door open during opening hours, then locks it automatically.
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Delivery entrance
An EMZY at delivery entrances offers additional practical advantages: For example, it can be operated from a distance via an external button.
EMZY. The powerful features EMZY is our answer to your high security and comfort requirements. Whether interface, remote opening or adaptive torque, EMZY offers strong features.
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Always securely locked
In the event of a burglary, the insurance company will only cover the cost for damages if the door was securely locked. Fortunately, EMZY does this automatically for you.
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Interface to third-party systems
The I/O box enables EMZY to be connected to your burglar alarm or fire alarm system, your escape route guidance system or your access control system. It can be integrated into multiple third-party systems through multiple input and output relays.
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Visual status display
EMZY communicates with you via the LED button. The EMZY knob pulses when locked and briefly lights up green after successful locking or release.
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Suitable for door automation
If you have automatic swing door operators in your system, then the EMZY automatic motorised cylinder is the best choice for you.
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Adaptive torque
The first motorised cylinder that uses as much force as absolutely necessary. The adaptive torque reduces the impact on the door and lock and extends the life cycle of the EMZY.
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Remote opening
EMZY can also be opened remotely using, for example, an external push-button. This is useful for delivery entrances, for example.
Dual configuration EMZY is available in two versions. One is a standard version and the other is an upgraded version with I/O box.
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EMZY standard version
This consists of a motorised knob, mains adapter, door contact, dead bolt contact (optional) and can be opened using wall readers, biometrics or pin code keypads.
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EMZY upgrade with an I/O box
Thanks to the I/O box, EMZY can be connected to third-party systems such as a burglar alarm. In the event of attempted manipulation, EMZY notifies the alarm system which is then triggered.
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Simple configuration via the app
Already fitted EMZY to your door? After installation, you can start using it with the configuration app. During commissioning, EMZY learns the lock and door parameters and adjusts its torque accordingly.
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Always securely locked
In the event of a burglary, the insurance company will only cover the cost for damages if the door was securely locked. Fortunately, EMZY does this automatically for you.
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Ability to adapt and combine.
EMZY is adaptable. EMZY adapts to electronic third-party systems, to EVVA electronic and mechanical systems, to different profile types and to any locking process thanks to its adaptive torque. Plus, EMZY can be used with all third-party electronic products such as other access control systems, PIN code keypads or biometrics. It can of course also be used with EVVA Xesar and AirKey systems.

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