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Strong and smart: The new EMZY

Press | 08. September 2022.
EVVA's new electronic motorised cylinder is more convenient and stronger than ever before.

The electronic motorised cylinder (EMZY) was introduced to the market by EVVA back in 1992, with the objective of ensuring that designated external and internal doors leading to sensitive areas are locked and released automatically from a certain time of day onwards. "However, EMZY has developed a great deal since then. Over the years, its functions have become smarter and more user-friendly and its shape has changed significantly. The torque, for example, has become more and more powerful," explains Martin Bauer, Commercial Product Manager EMZY at EVVA. Mr. Bauer is responsible for the relaunch of EMZY, a successful security product that has already been tried and tested for decades.

Even stronger, even more convenient – simply better

The EMZY has been completely redesigned and is now available from selected specialist retailers. "Controlled locking and release. Remote operation. Sure, many motorised cylinders are able to do this. However, the EMZY from EVVA is the only device with adaptive torque and this makes it unique. This means that EMZY uses only as much force as absolutely necessary. This protects doors and locks, ensuring EMZY and the lock have a very long service life" so Bauer. "The EMZY can regulate an adaptive torque of up to 2 Nm, allowing it to securely lock and release even under a wide variety of difficult conditions, such as incorrectly set contact pressure, heavy, warped doors, or doors with multiple sealing planes.

The new commissioning app makes many things a lot easier: For example, by learning the lock and door parameters and adjusting the torque accordingly. The new EMZY app offers a choice of two office modes and a selection of visual signals that appear on the thumbturn button. In addition, existing configurations can be transferred to each new EMZY thumbturn and various alarm states can be set.

Versatile application options

The motorised cylinder is fastened to the inside of the door and is operated from the outside as required via RFID access media, biometrics or by entering a code. The door is released from the inside using the EMZY button. It can be easily connected to third-party systems such as fire and alarm systems as well as building management and evacuation systems via the EMZY interface (I/O box). "Of course it also can be combined with EVVA's Xesar and AirKey systems. The EMZY is simple to mount and is therefore also well suited for retrofitting in surface or flush mounted installations.

EMZY. Everybody’s Darling

The EMZY adapts itself. Thanks to its adaptive torque, it adjusts to third-party electronic systems, EVVA's own electronic and mechanical systems, to different profile shapes and to any locking process. "EMZY is at home in every profile," Bauer enthuses. Whether oval, round or European profile, EMZY requires only a standard EVVA thumbturn axis. It adapts easily to any profile when equipped with the supplied attachments. The EMZY communicates via the LED button: "The button which releases EMZY flashes when it is locked. The user intuitively pushes it to unlock. During the locking and release process, 6 LEDs rotate. Once the locking and release process is complete, EMZY lights up briefly in green. Our motorised cylinder is available in 6 colours. It therfore adapts perfectly to any room situation. It offers convenience at the highest level through remote opening, for example by being additionally connected to an external push-button. This is not only very useful for supplier entrances, but also secure.

And one more interesting aspect: In the event of a burglary, the insurance company will only cover the costs of damage if the cylinder was also securely locked. Fortunately, EMZY does this automatically for you. "The EVVA name stands for top quality. Our products are tested through and through and meet the highest security standards," proclaims Martin Bauer.


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