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Mag. Maria Nekham

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EVVA Sicherheitstechnologie GmbH
Wienerbergstrasse 59-65 | 1120 Vienna | Austria
T +43 1 81165 1132 | F +43 1 81165 1016

EVVA is an Austrian family-owned company and across Europe one of the leading manufacturers of mechanical and electronic access solutions. We provide integrated, comprehensive packages to meet the most varied security demands.




Mag. Stefan Ehrlich-Adám


Around 790 across Europe, over 480 in Austria 

Headquarters and main production site:

Wienerbergstrasse 59–65, 1120 Vienna

Subsidiaries and stakes in companies throughout Europe:

Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Sweden

EVVA is also represented by distributors in Albania, Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Finland, Georgia, Greece, UK, ROI, Iceland, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Moldova, Montenegro, Norway, Sultanate of Oman, Panama, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovenia, Thailand, Ukraine, UAE, Cyprus.

Product categories:

  • Mechanical locking systems
  • Electronic access solutions 
  • Supplementary security devices 

Solutions for:

  • Residential properties and condominiums
  • Residential buildings for communities
  • Hotels & catering companies 
  • Office buildings
  • Wholesale & retail premises
  • Infrastructure facilities 
  • Industrial premises
  • Educational facilities
  • Culture & leisure facilities
  • Health care facilities
  • Private households and apartments


  • TRIGOS Award 2012
  • ISO 9001 Quality management system – the first European company in the sector awarded certification back in 1993
  • "Öko Business Award" (Eco Business Award) – for the modular design of cylinder locks.
  • "Ökoprofit-Auszeichnung der Stadt Wien", award by the City of Vienna for first-class environmental management six years in a row 
  • "Trigos Award" for outstanding sustainable successes
  • "Leonardo Award" for the best automation solution

Press images

As part of our service to our media partners, we provide press images to download.

Gunther_Glawar_CDO_EVVA.jpg Gunther_Glawar_CDO_EVVA.jpg JPG, 1.1 MB Johann_Notbauer_CTO_EVVA.jpg Johann_Notbauer_CTO_EVVA.jpg JPG, 1,005.6 KB Christian_Schuckert_CFO_EVVA.jpg Christian_Schuckert_CFO_EVVA.jpg JPG, 1.2 MB Stefan_Ehrlich-Adam_CEO_EVVA.jpg Stefan_Ehrlich-Adam_CEO_EVVA.jpg JPG, 1.1 MB Stefan_und_Nicole_Ehrlich-Adam_EVVA.jpg Stefan_und_Nicole_Ehrlich-Adam_EVVA.jpg JPG, 1.4 MB Nicole_Ehrlich-Adam_CPO_EVVA.jpg Nicole_Ehrlich-Adam_CPO_EVVA.jpg JPG, 1.1 MB ICS_Cylinder_Key_Europrofil_diagonal.jpg ICS_Cylinder_Key_Europrofil_diagonal.jpg JPG, 507.5 KB 4KS_Door.jpg 4KS_Door.jpg JPG, 21.2 MB ICS_Key_diagonal.jpg ICS_Key_diagonal.jpg JPG, 548.5 KB ICS_Key_front.jpg ICS_Key_front.jpg JPG, 579.3 KB 4KS_Cylinder_Key_Europrofil_diagonal.jpg 4KS_Cylinder_Key_Europrofil_diagonal.jpg JPG, 1.3 MB 4KS_Key_diagonal.jpg 4KS_Key_diagonal.jpg JPG, 1.3 MB 4KS_Image.jpg 4KS_Image.jpg JPG, 16.5 MB 4KS_Cylinder_Key_Europrofil_side_view.jpg 4KS_Cylinder_Key_Europrofil_side_view.jpg JPG, 1,010.8 KB ICS_Door.jpg ICS_Door.jpg JPG, 34.7 MB 4KS_Key_front.jpg 4KS_Key_front.jpg JPG, 2.2 MB ICS_Image.jpg ICS_Image.jpg JPG, 17.8 MB FPS_Image.jpg FPS_Image.jpg JPG, 14.0 MB EPS_Door.jpg EPS_Door.jpg JPG, 21.5 MB EPS_Image.jpg EPS_Image.jpg JPG, 14.6 MB MCS_Key_diagonal.jpg MCS_Key_diagonal.jpg JPG, 6.4 MB FPS_Door.jpg FPS_Door.jpg JPG, 22.1 MB EPS_Key_Diagonal_2021.jpg EPS_Key_Diagonal_2021.jpg JPG, 3.3 MB EPS_Cylinder_Key_Euro_Diagonal_2021.jpg EPS_Cylinder_Key_Euro_Diagonal_2021.jpg JPG, 2.9 MB EPS_Key_Front_2021.jpg EPS_Key_Front_2021.jpg JPG, 1.5 MB FPS_Cylinder_Key_Euro_Diagonal_2021.jpg FPS_Cylinder_Key_Euro_Diagonal_2021.jpg JPG, 3.2 MB FPS_Key_Diagonal_2021.jpg FPS_Key_Diagonal_2021.jpg JPG, 3.3 MB FPS_Key_Frontal_2021.jpg FPS_Key_Frontal_2021.jpg JPG, 1.5 MB Akura_44_Cylinder_diagonal.jpg Akura_44_Cylinder_diagonal.jpg JPG, 615.9 KB Akura_44_Magnet.jpg Akura_44_Magnet.jpg JPG, 752.0 KB MCS_Door.jpg MCS_Door.jpg JPG, 32.9 MB Xesar_Wall_reader_options.jpg Xesar_Wall_reader_options.jpg JPG, 31.0 MB MCS_Image.jpg MCS_Image.jpg JPG, 14.6 MB EVVA_Logo_4C_2018.png EVVA_Logo_4C_2018.png PNG, 11.6 KB EVVA_Vienna.JPG EVVA_Vienna.JPG JPG, 7.3 MB EVVA_Production_Vienna_10.jpg EVVA_Production_Vienna_10.jpg JPG, 27.8 MB EVVA_Production_Vienna_1.jpg EVVA_Production_Vienna_1.jpg JPG, 4.9 MB EVVA_Production_Vienna_2.jpg EVVA_Production_Vienna_2.jpg JPG, 5.8 MB EVVA_Production_Vienna_3.jpg EVVA_Production_Vienna_3.jpg JPG, 6.6 MB EVVA_Production_Vienna_7.jpg EVVA_Production_Vienna_7.jpg JPG, 21.2 MB EVVA_Production_Vienna_9.jpg EVVA_Production_Vienna_9.jpg JPG, 25.9 MB EVVA_Production_Vienna_4.jpg EVVA_Production_Vienna_4.jpg JPG, 19.9 MB EVVA_Production_Vienna_5.jpg EVVA_Production_Vienna_5.jpg JPG, 29.7 MB EVVA_Production_Vienna_6.jpg EVVA_Production_Vienna_6.jpg JPG, 28.7 MB EVVA_Production_Vienna_8.jpg EVVA_Production_Vienna_8.jpg JPG, 25.4 MB EVVA_Logo_3C_2018.jpg EVVA_Logo_3C_2018.jpg JPG, 680.7 KB MCS_Key_front.jpg MCS_Key_front.jpg JPG, 1.4 MB AirKey_Image.jpg AirKey_Image.jpg JPG, 7.3 MB AirKey_Cylinder_diagonal.jpg AirKey_Cylinder_diagonal.jpg JPG, 2.3 MB AirKey_Cylinder_Design_Key_side_view.jpg AirKey_Cylinder_Design_Key_side_view.jpg JPG, 3.3 MB AirKey_Components.jpg AirKey_Components.jpg JPG, 1.3 MB AirKey_Image_Smartphone.jpg AirKey_Image_Smartphone.jpg JPG, 16.4 MB AirKey_Padlock.jpg AirKey_Padlock.jpg JPG, 15.4 MB Xesar_Image.jpg Xesar_Image.jpg JPG, 11.0 MB Xesar_Cylinder_Europrofil_diagonal.jpg Xesar_Cylinder_Europrofil_diagonal.jpg JPG, 2.3 MB Xesar_Components.jpg Xesar_Components.jpg JPG, 7.7 MB Xesar_Door.jpg Xesar_Door.jpg JPG, 6.0 MB MCS_Cylinder_Key_Europrofil_diagonal.jpg MCS_Cylinder_Key_Europrofil_diagonal.jpg JPG, 1.4 MB Akura_44_Image.jpg Akura_44_Image.jpg JPG, 1.2 MB

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