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EVVA is future-proof

News | 29. October 2019.
Let’s begin the next 100 years!

We roll forward to the year 2119 Smarthomes run our household independently, human-robot teams, artificial intelligence and absolute security through quantum encryption characterise everyday life. Some things that were unimaginable in 2019 are self-evident. Other ideas turned out to be fantasies. If we look back 100 years, we can anticipate the potential for change the future has to offer. Even if nothing is certain, EVVA is now setting the course today to be fit for tomorrow’s requirements.

Keep the ball rolling
For 100 years, EVVA has been driven by a fundamental philosophy: The continual search for new ideas, developments, trends. The name EVVA captures the abbreviation “Erfindungs-­Versuchs-Verwertungs-Anstalt”. We have always succeeded in moving with the times, both in terms of products and ideas as well as processes. And even though EVVA now supplies locking systems that can be operated using smartphones, EVVA is already working on new ideas for even greater usability and the resulting solutions are marketed worldwide. Mechanical locks and keys still have their customers. Partly they are still manufactured according to the old drawings. - This balance between the pursuit of innovation and the preservation of the proven is an art that requires not only intuition, but also precise arithmetic.

Innovation at the highest level
At EVVA, the desire for something new is always linked to the desire to invent and further develop durable products of the highest quality. Accordingly, in-house research and development is essential. But for the future this is no longer enough. Requirements are becoming more and more complex, which calls for new thinking and the associated networking at all levels.

External know-how
For EVVA, these new requirements are resolved by obtaining external know­ledge. Close cooperation with research institutions such as the TU Vienna or the Fraunhofer Research Institute and especially with experts and students, offers the opportunity to develop solutions for the future.

This is how the future can be: AirKey
How an idea can become a product is demonstrated by AirKey, a product which is unique to this day in terms of safety, functionality and smartphone compatibility. The vision of a young employee in the IT department: “Why not unlock the door with a smartphone?” This idea was pursued further - by a dedicated team. With this approach: open to new ideas, no fear With this approach: open to new ideas, no fear of innovation and a feel for new trends, the Meidling-based company will continue to be successful a hundred years from now.

Industry 4.0
Because innovative products demand innovative production systems, EVVA possesses not only an in-house research and development department, but also a mechanical engineering department with 20 employees. It is easy to understand why EVVA relies so heavily on in-house development: On the one hand, they do not want to outsource the mechanical engineering know-how that has been developed; on the other hand, innovative products also require innovative production methods, such as the unique oil- and water-free production solutions.

Precision is the ultimate goal
Precision is the top priority in everyday life and because some machines work to μm, tolerances are specified in the range of thousandths of a millimetre. This necessary precision and the associated perfection in every detail is impressively demonstrated by examining a “normal” mechanical locking cylinder: Up to 140 precision mechanical components are concealed inside. These include the so-called locking pins, which are no thicker than a grain of rice. Here, too, automation can be implemented thanks to a digitally generated locking plan, thus 100% performance and delivery capability is guaranteed.

Focus on people
However, advancing digitisation will not replace humans. The successful future will lie much more in interconnecting and making the best possible use of the advantages of man and machine. In order to get employees into the right mindset, EVVA conducted training courses for each individual as part of a lean management programme to convey the basics of new and, above all, essential attitudes for a successful future. 


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