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Sales coaching: Using sales materials

News | 20. August 2019.
Customers do not buy a product's features, they buy a use. Therefore, it is crucial in your sales pitch to show the customer how they can use the product. Boost your selling by using our sales materials together with your expert tips, credentials and friendly approach. Then the customer will assess your expertise.

Be proactive
Actively use our sales materials, such as the catalogue, flyers, the EVVA systems brochure or your own promotional leaflets. Use the materials to show the customer the product you are talking about.

Makes notes
Make brief notes in the catalogue or brochure. For example, you can note the price, circle the product or use a marker to highlight the product features that are important to the customer.

Give your contact details
Point out a contact in the sales materials. If there are no contact details in the sales materials, give them a business card and let them know that they can contact you anytime. However, at the same time, you should take down your customer's contact details so that you can actively make a follow-up call.

Use supplementary materials
Systematically make use of stickers, information boards, posters, banners and so on. Use these materials to draw at
tention to particular parts of your space or to support your own promotions.

EVVA hopes you are very successful in your next sales pitch!

Make sure that the brochure stand is always full and is placed close to the products. This will ensure that you are able to actively use the brochures when pitching your products.


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