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News | 20. August 2019.
EVVA celebrates 100 years. Stefan and Nicole Ehrlich-Adám,  Managing Directors and owners of the EVVA Group have been running the company successfully since 1999. SECURITYNEWS asked them about what guides them and EVVA, and the goals that they have set for themselves in the past and today.

What does 100 years of EVVA mean to you?
Stefan Ehrlich-Adám:
For us, 100 years marks a milestone in a success story that many have been a part of and continue to be a part of today. We are proud of EVVA's 100 years; they are the result of courageous entrepreneurship over several generations. In our research for the anniversary, we came across many stories, which we have included in a book, the EVVA Evolution Book and on the anniversary website evva.com/startupsince1919.

What were the most important milestones?
Stefan Ehrlich-Adám:
In 100 years, you can imagine that there have been quite a few milestones *laughs*. However, the first big one was definitely the development and production of profile cylinders and the first double cylinder. In 1937 the first patent for a security product was finally granted to EVVA. A total success. That paved the way for our development in the area of security technology. Or we could also take the development and fine-tuning of the general master key system as an example. From then on, our locking systems became more and more versatile and met more and more security needs. The first big international contract was with the Frankfurt Airport. And in the years after that we were continually developing innovative locking systems, such as GPI, MCS, ICS, 3KS plus, electronic authorisation for master key systems was introduced, and finally, we launched our own electronic access control systems - AirKey and Xesar. But we didn't stop there.

'Start-up since 1919' – what do you think has made EVVA a start-up for 100 years?
Stefan Ehrlich-Adám:
Since 1919 the EVVA name has stood for the 'invention, experimentation and application institute'. EVVA was a start-up back in 1919 and has always done what start-ups do today – invent, try things out and launch products. And that’s what EVVA continues to do. The result: EVVA today holds over 200 patents and is a world leader in mechanical and electronic access systems.

What are the challenges for the coming years?
Nicole Ehrlich-Adám:
For us, the question is more about: What do we need in order to keep making the right decisions in the next 100 years? We will certainly make changes to our strategic corporate management in order to meet the new demands on modern organisations, on the one hand, and to rise to the challenges of the market, on the other hand. And finally, we also cannot forget that our employees have requirements for a modern employer as well.
Stefan Ehrlich-Adám: In terms of production, EVVA is planning to implement new technologies for our security world and continue to align our manufacturing activities with the challenges of tomorrow.

In your opinion, what are the factors that have led to EVVA's success?
Nicole Ehrlich-Adám:
Change is our constant. Helping to shape change means coming up with innovations, setting trends, continually adapting and making history. The demands of today and tomorrow require this courage to change and never stop learning – but also a professional environment that gives us a purpose in the digital age and creates room for development. As a reliable partner who listens, asks questions, looks for solutions, identifies needs and can surprise you, we offer the security that is expected, both internally and externally.

What are your hopes for the next 100 years?
Stefan Ehrlich-Adám:
We have a clear vision for the next century: to uphold the creative and innovative spirit of EVVA. 


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