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­AirKey with new release

News | 30. January 2024.
With the new release, ­AirKey is taking a major step towards even more security and even more interface functions.

The success of ­AirKey is not only explained by its smart features, such as Send a Key or Geotagging, but also by its uncompromising security concept, which is constantly being further developed and updated as part of the current release. In addition, the ­AirKey release brings additional interface functions.

Secure. More secure. ­AirKey

EVVA does not compromise on security. And that is the whole idea. How else could we have developed into one of the most successful security companies in the world since the company was founded in 1919! We have also been uncompromising in the implementation of the new ­AirKey security concept and have continued on this path with the new release.

­AirKey security in detail

  • Relocation to a new data centre – ISO27001-certified: THE global standard in terms of information security – independently verified.
  • Active-Active – high system availability guaranteed: In the future, data will only be accessed by Active-Active. This increases the overall performance of AirKey.
  • Crypto update – increased security against hacker attacks: The cryptographic key lengths are increased – this also increases installation security.
  • HW Keystore for Android and iOS – Maximum security on smartphones: Keys are stored in highly secure keystores on the smartphone.
  • EAL6+ - Highest tested security standards in our new ID media: EAL6+ certified secure elements are used in our new ID media.
  • Security update for existing components: A simple update is enough to increase the security of existing components.

­AirKey security in detail


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