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Lauried Residences secured with AirKey

News | 20. October 2023.
The Lauried Residences residential development project in the city of Zug is conveniently and securely protected with the AirKey electronic access system in combination with the 4KS mechanical access system. It also includes a special service: an interface to the "SchlaueBox" mailbox system.

The city of Zug in Switzerland is known for its beautiful residential areas, but has also made a strong name in the international financial world. The residential development project in Lauriedstrasse 7 was realised by unitasIMMO ag in the space of just two years and offers 38 highly exclusive apartments for short and long-term tenants in the middle of the financial hotspot. The ground floor of the building is currently home to a luxury hair salon and a trustee company.

The digital master key system as the optimal solution

A total of 115 AirKey components were installed in the 4,000 m2 property by EVVA partner company Uto Sicherheitstechnik AG, which optimally enhance the comfort and exclusivity of the residential complex. The emergency key system was implemented with the mechanical and extremely robust 4KS system and includes around 50 components. According to the operator of the project, Thomas Schertenleib, they are very satisfied with the electronic solution and would like to continue working with it in the future. "I didn't want to see a single mechanical key here. "The request was to implement a purely digital solution here," he explains of the requirements for the access system. And as far as possible, they worked with AirKey. Due to the security requirements for access by fire brigades and rescue services, the combination of AirKey and 4KS, the mechanical and also very high-quality system, was chosen.

"From the very beginning, we were very well informed about EVVA’s possibilities and supported by a competent team," enthuses Thomas Schertenleib.

Access with “Send a Key”

This is because, compared to a purely mechanical access system, the combination with an electronic access system offers many advantages, such as clearer access management, greater flexibility in the event of changes and better access control. What's more, all this comes with the highest security standards. "It was important to us that tenants, even if they are arriving from Australia, for example, can get their keys as easily as possible." AirKey was the ideal solution for the rental of apartments by Nest Temporary AG, as all digital keys can be sent to tenants immediately using “Send a Key”. Exterior entrances, underground car park entrances and other entrances are secured with AirKey wall readers while apartments, commercial premises and basements are secured with AirKey cylinders.

Delivery made easy

In order to make the delivery of mail particularly easy for residents, the AirKey media, such as key fobs or mobile phone access data, have also been linked to the mailbox system. Thanks to the interface with the “SchlaueBox” and “Huber Mailbox” apps, these can now also be flexibly operated as required. This is made possible by AirKey integration via the AirKey Cloud Interface. The courier can select the right box and store the consignment. The recipient receives an email with the appropriate QR code for easy access. This makes sending and receiving parcels as easy as ordering them and possible around the clock.

Technology on site

Project: Lauried Residences
Scope: 65 AirKey thumbturn cylinders in the residential units, 6 of which are AirKey cylinders with anti-panic function, and another 30 AirKey half cylinders in the basement sections, 7 AirKey wall readers, 30 combi keys
Implementation: EVVA and Uto Sicherheitstechnik AG
Product: AirKey and 4KS
Facility category: Residential building
Country: Switzerland

About unitasIMMO ag

unitasIMMO ag is a Swiss company specialising in the construction and management of residential properties. The company attaches great importance to quality and sustainability in its projects. Further information can be found on the unitasIMMO website


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