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Digital or live customer loyalty: What is better?

News | 29. August 2023.
Customer loyalty is an important part of a company’s success. A happy customer is more likely to come back and buy more products or services in the future.

Digitalisation has changed the way companies retain and serve their customers. But how can companies implement customer loyalty digitally and live?

Digitisation of customer loyalty
Digitalisation has many advantages when it comes to building and strengthening customer loyalty. One way to do this is to create customer databases. By collecting data about customer interactions with your business, you can create personalised offers and promotions to drive customer loyalty. Another option is a loyalty scheme where customers can collect points for use with future purchases. Loyalty schemes can also help to get customer feedback that can be used to improve products or services.

Live customer loyalty
Digitalisation has also made it possible to improve customer loyalty in real time through live interactions. One way to do this is through live chat support. Customers can chat quickly and easily with a representative of your company. Another option is the use of social media. Customers can contact your company via social media to ask questions or provide feedback. The social media team can respond quickly and effectively to requests and feedback to ensure a positive customer experience.

The combination of success
Overall, it is important to use digitalisation to improve customer loyalty and the customer experience. Digital and live methods enable organisations to build personalised and effective customer engagement that is critical to the success of the business.


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