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Integration of EVVA electronic access systems

News | 10. August 2023.
Whether it's the AirKey Cloud Interface or the MQTT interface with Xesar, both interfaces offer simple and secure integration into third-party systems or your own software. Numerous successful projects are leading the way: the future is integration.

But what are examples of using an interface? Here is a small selection:

  • Manage buildings
    With AirKey, you send the keys from your administration software directly to the tenants' smartphones. At the end of the lease, access is automatically
  • Manage personnel
    HR departments can send keys from their administration software directly to employees' smartphones on their first day.
  • Manage properties
    In a community many properties have to be managed, which requires a flexible, high-security access control system. Persons in charge can now manage multiple sites directly from their own administration software.
  • Manage memberships
    Upon payment of a membership, the fitness studio key, for example, is automatically sent to the new member.
  • Manage bookings
    After a binding booking, the guest is sent the room key directly to their smartphone via the booking system.

Overall, electronic interfaces offer a wide range of advantages that improve both the handling, security and flexibility of the master key system.


Are you interested in using AirKey or Xesar interfaces? Then contact your EVVA consultant!



What does MQTT mean?

Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) is an ISO-standard messaging event log for the Internet of Things (IOT). It enables the transmission of telemetry data despite high delays or limited networks.


  • Fast: A permanent connection is established via MQTT, the message push is carried out without delay.
  • Secure: MQTT is an application-level event log and relies on established standards such as SSL/TLS for secure transmission.
  • Efficient: The MQTT event log was originally developed for SCADA systems that were intended to transmit and receive data via satellite communication. An ultraslim event log was therefore the declared design goal.

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