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NEW: Xesar 3.1

News | 14. June 2022.
Variety and simplicity are not mutually exclusive; they complement each other. The update to Xesar version 3.1, which is now available, shows how this is possible.

The tried-and-tested electronic Xesar access system will be even easier and better thanks to the update, which includes the new “Installation Manager”. Another improvement: the Xesar tablet communicates with the new generation Xesar components (G 2.1) via radio.

A big support: the Installation Manager

The new Installation Manager helps users to install Xesar 3.1 on their PC. It guides you through the software installation step by step. All necessary system settings are checked and solutions are offered in the event of errors. Users with little training can complete the PC installation in a short time and without any errors.

Save time with super flexible maintenance

Another important new feature: the new Xesar components (G 2.1), such as handles or wall readers, communicate with the Xesar tablet via radio. The previous generation, Xesar 2 components (G 2), was defined by easy maintenance and fast data transfer. However, a connection cable still needed to be physically plugged in to complete all the tasks. But with Xesar 3.1, this is no longer necessary: no cable connection is required to perform maintenance tasks. The maintenance technician can get an overview at the touch of a button.

The components say hello

Another new feature is that identification can be requested via Xesar tablet components. They flash several times and emit a short acoustic signal. If anything is unclear regarding door component assignment, the maintenance technician can easily identify the components remotely. This saves EVVA Partners a lot of time and simplifies the installation of the system.

Turn radio on and off with only one medium

Xesar 3.1 has another new feature that makes things simpler: the Bluetooth on/off medium. Regardless of the software version, you can switch the radio on and off through the components.*)  This means that Xesar 3.1 can continue to be used in radio sensitive areas.

One for all

All new Xesar components are also compatible with existing systems from Xesar 2.2, even without software or firmware updates. "The Xesar 3.1 update is a further milestone in the history of Xesar. The update improves the ease of maintenance and extends the component service life. Simplicity has once again been demonstrated here," Erich Gärtner, Head of Product Management at EVVA Sicherheitstechnologie GmbH, is pleased to report.

*) In order not to compromise installation security, this function is only available in construction mode.

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