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Social media, how to work with it?

News | 08. November 2021.
Five tips for your social media presence.

It’s impossible to imagine life without social media. Hardly anyone doesn’t have a profile on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Xing or TikTok. The next generation in particular is active here, and more people are joining the platforms every day. If you are not yet one of them, here are five tips on how to generate sales using a sales channel that is not to be underestimated. Use these tips to increase brand awareness, boost your sales and attract new customers.

5 tips for your social media presence

  1. Good planning is half the success: set measurable goals, such as a certain number of posts you want to create each month. When defining your social media goals, use the SMART principle – goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound. Also, plan your posts in a well-structured content plan. There are numerous templates online for this.

  2. Selecting the platform: determine which social media platform is best suited to your business. Perhaps it’s just one, but maybe several or even all of them.

  3. Allocate responsibilities and tasks: getting started is easy, but carefully consider the maintenance and upkeep of a social media channel in advance and nominate a person in the company who will be responsible for it. The good thing about it is there are many tools to allocate the responsibility and the posts.

  4. Pictures and videos are popular: use pictures, videos and graphics whenever possible. Tell your stories and let your customers participate. However, just make sure that the visual elements are relevant to both the content of the post and your target group.

  5. Social media is not the same as advertising: most of your social media content should not market your business, but add value for the target group. This is exactly how you can present yourself in a more personal way and show your services to your customers.

EVVA has also been on various social media platforms for several years now. And in 10 countries. We’re also happy to have you share our posts on your channels with your customers. If you decide to start a social media channel, we wish you every success on this exciting journey!

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