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New EVVA plant opened in Tišnov

News | 04. November 2021.
The 30th anniversary of the EVVA subsidiary in the Czech Republic was celebrated with a glamorous opening of the new production facility attended by EVVA partners, employees, and a delegation from Tišnov City Hall.

The new plant in Tišnov shows that EVVA is continuing to drive forward its expansion plans and is consistently implementing its Power Plant strategy. The associated investments bring EVVA substantially closer to its excellence development goal. The three designated production facilities are the new building at Wienerberg, which was completed towards the end of the year, the modernized production facility in Krefeld, Germany, and the new Green Field building in Tišnov. The "satellites" to produce customized and flexible requirements will be located on site at the various EVVA subsidiaries.

30th anniversary – and another record

Due to its strategic importance and modern design, the new plant is another milestone in EVVA’s success story, which was also celebrated alongside the 30th anniversary of the EVVA subsidiary in the Czech Republic.

In his opening speech at the atmospheric gala, attended by many partners, customers and employees, CEO of the EVVA Group, Stefan Ehrlich-Adám commented: "30 years of EVVA in the Czech Republic represent a 30-year success story. Since the acquisition of GUARD in 2008, we have had a site in the Czech Republic. With highly modern architecture, highly modern infrastructure, we look forward to the next 30 years."

The Mayor of Tišnov also attended the celebrations and sent his congratulations: “I would like to give you my best regards from the Tišnov town hall. I hope EVVA continues to make good decisions and wish you much success for the future.” Another highlight of the celebrations was an entry in the Czech book of records for the longest functioning cylinder, at 120 cm, ever produced in the Czech Republic. 

Even though EVVA has been synonymous with innovation for over 100 years, the traditional company has always been concerned with preserving what is valuable. Therefore the findings from the early and late Stone Age (4,000 BC) and the Bronze Age (1,500-800 BC), discovered during construction, were dug out and preserved in close cooperation with the Archaeological Museum in Prague. Some of the findings were loaned to EVVA to be exhibited in the new building in Tišnov. 

The video of the opening


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