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New: electronic cam lock

Press | News | 08. August 2018.
EVVA's electronic system range has been extended by the electronic cam lock. It can be integrated into any AirKey and Xesar system.

"This means that EVVA's electronic product range is becoming even more versatile", Sabine Ribits, product manager at EVVA, explains. Be it for sensitive areas, such as pharmaceuticals cabinets, display cases with valuable contents at jewellers' or even lockers in sports facilities, letterboxes in residential developments or distributor cabinets – electronic cam locks are the ideal addition to a Xesar or AirKey access control system. They are easy to install and even easier to manage in the software as they are integrated just like all other electronic components. Here at the EVVA head office in Vienna we provide the best example: we offer pick-up lockers at the shipping department that are equipped with electronic cam locks. "As a result, EVVA Partners in Vienna can pick-up their goods 24/7 whenever it suits them and must no longer observe opening times", Ribits adds.

“All-in-one” solution with the EVVA cam lock
The new electronic cam lock can be flexibly adapted depending on the installation situation thanks to the shorter cylinder length. The fixed cam (FVS) is also a new feature. Here the thumb turn is blocked when the cam lock is disengaged. In addition, any locking operation as part of this function is logged in compliance with data protection regulations.

"One key objective was to offer our partners an important product extension without complicated ordering processes. For this reason, locking direction and cam lock designs are oriented to the EVVA mechanical locking systems." All cams from our mechanical locking system range are also available for the electronic cam lock. They can be ordered and delivered in three variants with MB19, MB22 and MB27 thread diameters.

For detailed information about the cam lock please visit the EVVA website. You are welcome to test the new cam lock at Security Essen between 25th and 28th September at the EVVA fair stand, hall 3, stand 3F69.

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